Preorder the Guide to Glorantha NOW!

Gloranthaphiles! Did you miss out on the Kickstarter for the Guide to Glorantha? Have you begun to worry that you would never get your hands on over 12 pounds (6 kilograms) of full-color, oversized Gloranthan Gold? Never fear – you can now Pre-Order the Guide to Glorantha and the Argan Argar Atlas. You can even pre-order the Poster Map Sets! This offer includes discounted shipping and PDFs for the bundle. It is time limited until July 7, 2014, however, so order now!

Note: We will begin fulfilling orders for the Guide and related products after July 7th – Kickstarter backers first, then preorders. Orders outside North America need to be sent to Europe first for fulfillment, which may delay final shipping as long as a month.