Pre-ordering the Guide to Glorantha and the Atlas – a few days left!

The special Pre-Order rate for the Guide to Glorantha and the Argan Argar Atlas is open until July 7th.  Just go to our store and preorder your copy.

After the 7th, we expect that order fulfillment should start. The Guide and the Atlas (along with sundries like additional maps) will be bundled up by our fulfillment agent and shipped to their various destinations. International orders first get sent in bulk to Frankfurt, Germany and then will get fulfilled by Pegasus Spiele.

We expect to have Kickstarter backer PDF downloads ready next week. Validating 1300 orders took longer than we expected but it should be finished next week. First the Backers get to download the PDF, followed by the pre-orderers. After that the PDF will be open to general purchase.