Penultimate Guide Preview

Gloranthaphiles! We are approaching the Dawn Age! Thanks to some prodigious amount of work, Rick has finished doing the layout of Genertela, the Oceans and Islands, and Pamaltela. Our President’s Day Sneak Peak for our backers is up on the Kickstarter page (, but here’s some previews of the preview:

Giant Slarges in Tarien
Amazons in Teshnos
The Sacred Mountains of Vralos

And lots more, If you find a typo (I suspect a few got through as we were making lots of last minute art description texts and other last minute additions), please add it to the forum called Penultimate Guide Preview. If you want to discuss something in the preview, feel free to start a new thread in the forum.

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Note: We have not yet divided the book into Volume One and Volume Two and won’t until we know the final total page count with layout (which includes all the maps and art in the appendices, and the index).

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