Michael “MOB” O’Brien Joins the Moon Design Team!

Moon Design Publications is very pleased to announce that Michael O’Brien has joined Moon Design Publications as a member. O’Brien joins Jeff Richard as a creative mind and game developer for the company.

Better known in the Gloranthan gaming community as “MOB”, O’Brien has been a long-time creative force for RuneQuest and Glorantha. As well as being a contributor to the critically acclaimed Guide to Glorantha, his extensive credits include Avalon Hill’s Sun County and Strangers in Prax. Together with Jeff Richard, he currently co-hosts the “Tales of Mythic Adventure” podcast.

Join us in welcoming MOB to the Moon Design! We will all be GenCon (Booth 2535) showing off our Gloranthan products, and introducing a new edition of the fan-favorite game Credo, the Game of Dueling Dogmas.

Rick, Jeff, and Neil

About Moon Design Publications

Moon Design Publications is the publisher of HeroQuest and all things Gloranthan, and is the owner of RuneQuest. It is the publisher of the ENnie nominated and Diana Jones nominated Guide to Glorantha.

Glorantha was first discovered by Greg Stafford in 1966. Over nearly five decades it has been explored by fans across the world through board games, role-playing games, computer games, books, and at conventions.