Malkioni Wizardry

Here’s a little primer on Malkioni wizardry from the Guide:

The Malkioni venerate the Invisible God who created the Runes, worshiped as gods by the barbarians. The Runes, in turn, created lesser versions of themselves, often in combination with other Runes.
Malkioni sorcery works around applying one of the following principles to a specific Rune:
• Summon/Dismiss
• Command
• Combine/Separate
• Tap
The correct identification of things is extremely important for Malkioni sorcery – the more specific the identification, the more powerful the effect. One favored technique is genealogical – determine what a thing is by identifying its runic precedents.
The God Learners used their detailed understanding of Gloranthan mythology to virtuoso effect. For example, at the Battle of Tanian’s Victory in 718, the God Learners summoned specifically identified water elementals and used them to summon a sea god, as if it were just an another elemental. Then they made the sea god call its father, forcing it to act as necromancers force an act of demonology. They then commanded the father to summon a different child – the god of Sky Water, Tanian. They unleashed Tanian upon the unsuspecting Waertagi who had thought the very concept of Burning Water was impossible.