Lesser Tribes of Prax

For those who might be interested, here’s some comparative numbers on the Lesser Tribes of Prax that won’t be appearing in the Guide to Glorantha. All numbers are of course approximate but give a good feel for the comparative sizes of the Lesser Tribes.

Basmoli – 2500
Bolo Lizard Folk -2100
Cannibal Cult – 1000
Men-and-a-Half – 3000
Newtlings – 3000
Ostrich Clan – 1200
Pavis Survivors – 1200
Rhinocerous Riders – 18000
Unicorn Women – 1000

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  • I’m rather wondering about the low number of Pol Joni, given the plethora of Barbarian Horde counters in the Dragon Pass board game.

    • The Barbarian Horde is not made up of completely of Pol-Joni, there are only 3 Pol-Joni counters and 4 Nomad clans.

      10000 Pol-Joni – a quarter are men (I will ignore Orlanthi fighting women here just to make the maths easier) = 2500, a rough ballpark is that mounted units are roughly 500 riders. 2500/500 = 5 counters if they all went to war. 3 counters going seems like a good if high number. 60% going to war in my opinion is high, but not unreasonable.

      For reference
      3 Pol-Joni Tribe 5-4-5
      2 Amber Clans 4-3-5 (nomads)
      1 Potor Clan 4-3-5 (nomads)
      1 Ansil Clan 4-3-5 (nomads)

      Jaldon Toothmaker (4)-10-6
      Flash Jak 5-3-5-4 (magical unit)
      Krise 5-3-5-4 (magical unit)
      And-Jay 5-3-5-4 (magical unit)
      3 Tribal Magicians Spirits X-3-X-4 (magical unit)

        • Do we get any identification of the four clans (e.g. which beasts they ride)?

          I used to work on the assumption that these were other Cattle Bastard groups e.g. taken from the dissident Grazers that joined the Pol Joni migration into Prax but did not accept Derik’s leadership beyond that of a warleader against Jaldon’s allies. The population numbers don’t support this approach, though.

  • Here’s the complete list in descending size order:

    Impala 120,000
    Bison 80,000
    Morocanth 80,000
    Sable 75,000
    High Llama 65,000

    Rhinocerous Riders 18000
    Baboons 10000
    Pol-Joni 10000
    Men-and-a-Half 3000
    Newtlings 3000
    Basmoli 2500
    Bolo Lizard Folk 2100
    Ostrich Clan 1200
    Pavis Survivors 1200
    Cannibal Cult 1000
    Unicorn Women 1000