Hrestol and the Vadeli Judges

Today’s random snippet from the Guide:

The Vadeli claim that the great Malkioni Hero Hrestol himself retired in the Vadeli Isles. After Hrestol went to  Brithos, he was forced to flee. He was driven astray by storms and finally found safety on the Vadeli Isles. There he was accepted by the Vadeli as a great arbitrator and lived in their temple, surrounded by a group of priests known as Judges, founded by his son Fornals.
The New Hrestoli of Loskalm reject this story as a blasphemous Vadeli lie, but the Serpent King Bertalor of Seshnela (reigned 73-89) acknowledged it as truth and accepted Fornals’ son Aignor the Trader as his heir. Aignor mated with the goddess Seshna, and their son, the snake-legged Sonmalos, became the fifth Sacred Lord of Seshnela.