HeroQuest Glorantha Pre-orders are now OPEN!

You can now pre-order HeroQuest Glorantha and get the PDF free to read while you wait for your book!

HeroQuest Glorantha is the updated version of HeroQuest 2, specifically tailored to be both the rules book and the introduction to gaming in the setting of Glorantha. Everything you need to start a Gloranthan HeroQuest campaign is right here:

  • Introduction to Glorantha and Dragon Pass;
  • character creation;
  • core rules;
  • magic rules and several sample cults;
  • heroquesting guidance;
  • illumination rules;
  • descriptions of Gloranthan creatures; and
  • an introductory adventure that takes your starting heroes on a heroquest into the Underworld!
The sample adventuring party for Heroquest Glorantha

HeroQuest Glorantha is a standalone rules system that lets you run games set in Glorantha WITH NOTHING ELSE REQUIRED! It’s even better with the Guide to Glorantha and King of Sartar, of course. And having Sartar, Sartar Companion, and Pavis will give you years of gameable material. But you don’t need anything else.

HeroQuest Glorantha is 256 pages, with many color illustrations and maps, and comes in hardcover or electronic PDF.

The book is $39.95 plus shipping, and you get the PDF free when you pre-order the book, so you can read the PDF while you wait for the book to print and then be sent to you. To pre-order, just go the HeroQuest Glorantha page in our Shop.

Remember, this is a pre-order. The book is off to the printer and will take several weeks to print and then be mailed to your residence.Special Note: Shoppers who are planning on preordering HeroQuest Glorantha, If you recently purchased Kingdom of Sartar, there is a discount code that will reduce the shipping. It will only be good until KoS is ready to be shipped, then we will turn it off (so technically any day). The codes are hqg-us, hqg-canada, and hqg-row . These coupons are tied to the email address of people that bought the products. And you can only use them once.
The amounts are $2/$7/$10 respectively.