HeroQuest Glorantha is nearly ready for release

Layout of HeroQuest Glorantha is FINISHED! And geez is this book beautiful. We are talking Guide to Glorantha level of beauty. The printed book will be 256 pages, color, and hardcover. It is the best Glorantha RPG rules book ever in terms of content and quality. Period.

Not only is HeroQuest Glorantha an excellent introduction to Glorantha, but it is a revised and updated version of the HeroQuest 2 rules. It is compatible compatible with Sartar, Sartar Companion, Pavis, etc, but the rules have been rewritten to be clearer – and more Gloranthan.

We are going to spend a few days just making sure no little errors crept it. Then VERY SOON, we will send the file off the printer, and start the preorders (you can also get the PDF at that time). So keep watching this space.

And just to give you an idea how this looks, here are some of the pages: