HeroQuest Glorantha: coming to you in time for GenCon

So while we’ve been waiting for the Guide to Glorantha to return from the printer and preparing to get the website ready for preorders and pdf purchases, the rest of the Moon Design team have been hard at work on several semi-secret projects. We’re ready to announce the first: the new HeroQuest Glorantha book!

This is an updated and revised edition of the HeroQuest 2nd Edition rules that is designed to be the core rules book for play with Glorantha. It contains an introduction to Glorantha and the primary setting areas (Esrolia, Prax, Sartar, and Tarsh); how to create characters from those cultures; rules for Rune magic, spirit magic, sorcery, and Lunar magic; seven cult write-ups; community rules; heroquesting rules and examples; Gloranthan monsters; and an introductory adventure and suggestions on gaming in Glorantha. Plus lots and lots more.

The lovely art from Jan Pospisil I’ve been posting here in recent weeks is for this book and just to tease you all here’s a very early sketch from Jon Hodgson of the cover:

HeroQuest Glorantha is intended to be THE book for using HeroQuest to game in Glorantha, a HeroQuest companion piece to the Guide to Glorantha (that nonetheless can be used without the Guide. It runs about 125,000 words (so is about 40% bigger than the original HeroQuest 2nd Edition rules).

I will be passing the document over to Rick to start layout at Eternal Convention and HeroQuest Glorantha should be ready in time for GenCon! We are unlikely to Kickstart this book, as I don’t really want to add new material to it (although we might KS a hardcover version later).

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