Black Dragon Mountain pictoglyphs

Here’s a draft describing three of approximately twenty-eight Black Dragon Mountain pictoglyphs that will be included in the book. Several of the pictoglyphs will be included:

12. The Red Moon humans fight against the Storm humans. A White Bear fights against the Red Moon. Trolls fight on both sides but always against humans.
13. A troll and four humans, each marked as Arkat, fight against a human king wearing a Serpent Crown, his human sorcerers, and dwarves.
14. The Serpent Crown is on the ground, fought over by humans. The Arkats wear a collective crown but fight amongst themselves.

Hervé Carteau

Jul 05, 2013 CRAGSPIDER wrote about Arkat and the seshnegi??? What does it/she care about them??? Unless… it wasn’t Kyger Litor who made an uz out of Arkat! It was the firewitch, which explains his zorak zoran conversion… 

Martin Helsdon

Jul 05, 2013 Some Uz say Arkat always troll.

Hervé Carteau

Jul 05, 2013 Some uz talk too much. Great Arkat troll yes, but much more.

Jeff Richard

Jul 06, 2013 Cragspider knows a lot about what goes on beyond Dragon Pass. Do you really think the Dark Spider whose webs extend to the edges of the world, doesn’t know what the trolls of Guhan are up to? 

Hervé Carteau

Jul 06, 2013 I… I… didn’t think that, Great One. This vile wretch abases itself for such idiotic thoughts (shiver, much begging for mercy).

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