Gods of Fonrit

A snippet from an old Jrusteli account of Fonrit. I’d date this to about 890 ST:

Gods of Fonrit
In Fonrit, the people worship demigods who they say restored the Cosmic Court of the God Time. My research has determined that these demigods sought to  restore the Golden Age; I believe they were partially successful, but they also incorporated many Fifth Action degeneracies into their mythic matrix. Many rulers claim to be descended from one or more of these demigods, whom they call the Glorious Ones.

Garangordos is the ruling god, who restored Pamalt’s kingdom and enslaved the blue-skins. He is the god of the city rulers and the source of their authority.

The Fonritians revere Ehilm above all others; although Garangordos is the ruler of the gods, Ehilm directly attends the Invisible God, whom they call Ompalam. Although Ehilm is thought deaf to all entreaties, he worshiped in great ceremonies and pageants.

The Fonritians also worship Aether, Annilla, Asrelia, Ernalda, Gata, Larnste, Lodik, Worlath, Sramake,Tolat, Uleria, and Xentha, as several minor gods without any equivalent elsewhere in the Middle Sea Empire. They hate Eurmal, who they claim murdered Garangordos and blame him for any misfortune.