Glorantha at GenCon

GenCon registration is now open:

We have ten Gloranthan events going on at GenCon. I’ll start with the big events:

Big Event One: Thursday Night at 6:00 pm: INTRO TO GLORANTHA: a world of mythology

Description: Join Greg Stafford, Jeff Richard, and Sandy Petersen for our introductory seminar on the World of Glorantha.

Big Event Two: Thursday Night at 7:00 pm: MYTHOLOGY AND ROLEPLAYING

Join Greg Stafford and Jeff Richard from the Moon Design team to discuss using Mythology to enrich your roleplaying world, and your gaming sessions.

Big Event Three: Friday Afternoon: MAP MAKING AND FANTASY WORLDS

Description: Join Colin Driver from the Moon Design team to discuss historical and fantasy map making to improve your roleplaying experience.

Big Event Four: Friday Night at 8:00 pm: WHITE BEAR and RED MOON: a freeform by Carol Johnson and Jeff Richard

Game ID: LRP1454030
Title: White Bear and Red Moon: The Hero Wars begin…
Description: Join the Red Emperor, demigod son of the Red Moon and his Lunar cohort, who with the rebel king Argrath and his outlaw heroes, will enact a New Year’s ritual to reinforce the World against Chaos.

We also have EIGHT Heroquest Glorantha games and SIX RuneQuest games being run by Jeff Richard, Ian Cooper, Neil Robinson, Pete Nash, and Lawrence Whitaker, plus the world premier of Michael O’Brien’s new card game Unfamy! Plus more special events that shall be announced as we get closer!