Genealogy of the Earth Gods

The genealogy of the gods is a matter of importance for poets, philosophers, and sorcerers. These genealogies help illustrate the runic devolutions and combinations from the perfect Celestial Court to the mixed world we live in.

The genealogy of the Earth Gods is well-known throughout Genertela .  This version of the story was accepted by the God Learners and can be found throughout central and western Genertela and in Umathela. Mother Earth, called GATA, bore GENERT and PAMALT without partner. With Genert, she bore ASRELIA, TY KORA TEK, and the many goddesses of the land.

Asrelia loved Umath, the son of Gata and Aether the Primal Sky. But she never could be with him and took other lovers. Some say Asrelia took her own father as a lover, and with him bore Maran Gor, Esrola, and Ernalda. Other stories say that with Lodril she bore the three daughters of the Earth.

When other gods coveted Asrelia’s treasures, she hid deep in the Earth and gave sovereignty of the Earth to her daughter Ernalda, who was called the Bountiful Mother, the Giver, the Sustainer,  and the Mistress of Peace. She mothered the children of Earth, and with Flamal gave birth to Aldrya. It is she whom the Rivals fought over, and it was she who tamed the turbulent Orlanth through marriage. He became her husband and defender, and together Ernalda and Orlanth rule as the Queen and King of the gods.

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