GenCon 2014: August 14 through 17th

Come join Moon Design this August 14th through the 17th at GenCon in Indianapolis. The whole team will be there:

Rick Meints, President, Moon Design Publications
Jeff Richard, Creative Director
Neil Robinson, Director of Operations
Greg Stafford, Discoverer of Glorantha

Plus special guests: Ian Cooper, Pete Nash, Michael O’Brien (MOB), and Lawrence Whitaker! And special special guest: SANDY PETERSEN!

We’ve got a ton of events going on, including the following seminars and panels:

12pm to 1pm: Greg Stafford and Jeff Richard: “Gaming as Mythic Exploration
6pm to 7pm: Greg Stafford, Sandy Petersen, Jeff Richard, Rick Meints, Neil Robinson: “Introduction to Glorantha
7pm to 8pm: Greg Stafford and Jeff Richard: “Mythology in Roleplaying”

2pm to 3pm: Colin Driver and Jeff Richard: “Map Making and Fantasy Worlds
4pm to 5pm: Greg Stafford: “Playing God
8pm to 12pm: “White Bear and Red Moon” FREEFORM!!!!

2pm to 3pm: Greg Stafford: “King Arthur Pendragon

Plus we will be making some big announcements, which you will hear about very soon! Some come and visit us! We’ll have copies of the Guide to Glorantha, Sartar, Pavis, Sartar Companion, maps, and more for sale as well. MOB will have the Zero Edition of our newest card game – UNFAMY! – and you’ll have lots of chances to play it with its designer!