Sixth Wane Ouranekki board

For those who are interested, here’s my base sketch for a Sixth Wane Ouranekki board. Note the strong Dara Happan and Orlanthi influence on it.
Without playtesting, pieces can move one space (not diagonally), except for Yelm who cannot move. The game is over when one side loses all his pieces, or there is a stalemate.
The Day player (defender) starts with 9 pieces in fixed places on the board (Yelm and the 8 Sons) and can place the Red Moon AFTER the Night player (attacker) has set up.
The Night Player (attacker) starts with 4 pieces in fixed places on the board (dijijelm, sorcerer, dragon, Kargzant), and can then place his remaining 6 pieces wherever.
You need to have two pieces facing a target to destroy it. Destruction happens immediately after you move.
The game is used to predict events, for magical rituals, and can be played by itself with throwing sticks.