Feathered Horse Queen Dynasty

The Feathered Horse Queens are the most important Earth priestesses of Dragon Pass (and often paired with the High Priestess at the Shaker Temple – they always address each other as “sister”). The following is a Queens List written for Prince Agrath from the Boldhome Knowledge Temple:

Eneera Tor (born 1430, Feathered Horse Queen 1455 to 1535, Queen of Dragon Pass 1494 to 1535). Eneera was born around 1430 and emerged from the womb of the Earth Goddess around 1455 as the Feathered Horse Queen. For the next fifteen years she fought to assert her authority and in 1570 she crushed the king of Grazers. The next Sun King submitted to her (the version presented in Pure Horse People tales preserves as much dignity for the Sun King as is possible, but in truth he was humiliated and forced to acknowledge her as his suzerain).In 1594, Eneera Tor proved she was the incarnation of Sorana Tor (and thus the avatar of Kero Fin) when she married Prince Sartar and became the Queen of Dragon Pass. This marriage was filled with magical power, and as long as Sartar lived, she took only occasional lovers. Sartar ascended to godhood in 1520, and Eneera Tor remained an ally to her son Saronil, who ruled in Boldhome. Eneera finally embraced death in 1535, age 104.Notes: Queen Bruvala of Esrolia, a contemporary of Eneera Tor, also lived to 104 years old! Coincidence?

Yorastina (born 1496, Feathered Horse Queen 1535 to 1565). The daughter of Eneera Tor and Sartar, Yorastina had countless lovers, including allegedly a centaur! She became Feathered Horse Queen in 1535, taking the name “Keeps the Children”. She supported her brother Saronil and her lover Palashee Longaxe but stayed out of their wars with the Lunar Empire. She died in 1568, after having stumbled in her rituals.Notes: “Allegedly” understates the case dramatically. Yoristina’s affairs were notorious.

Verala Tor (born 1544, Feathered Horse Queen from 1565 to 1582, Queen of Dragon Pass 1579 to 1582). The daughter of Yorastina and an unknown father, she became Feathered Horse Queen in 1568, taking the name “Mother of Lands”. She was beautiful and powerful, and courted by many kings, until she finally took Prince Tarkalor as her husband in 1575 when she became Verala Tor, the Queen of Dragon Pass. She was killed with her husband at the Battle of Grizzly Peak.

Note: The children of Tarkalor and Verala Tor are the subject of many tragic stories.  Saraskos was the son of Tarkalor and Verala Tor. Sarasarin, the young son of Saraskos, was assassinated in the Holy Country by those who took Lunar silver. In 1587, Saraskos was killed avenging his son. Later his daughter Yorasina was killed by Lunar assassins as she sought to avenge brother and father.

Sorana (born 1565, Feathered Horse Queen 1582 to 1604). The daughter of Verala and an unknown father, Sorana became Feathered Horse Queen upon her mother’s death in 1582, taking the name “Splendid Among the Proud.” She had no husbands, but three daughters who each married a king. She was close to her step-brother Terasarin, but after his death in 1600, she came to terms with the Red Emperor, and received from him the Armbands of Sartar after the fall of Boldhome. She was assassinated in 1604.

Virkala Tor (born 1584, Feathered Horse Queen 1604 to 1610, Queen of Dragon Pass 1604 to 1610). The daughter of Sorana and an unknown father, she became Feathered Horse Queen upon her mother’s death in 1604, taking the title “Riches Without Tears”. Upon becoming Feathered Horse Queen, she issued the Marriage Contest but set her bride-price at an impossible limit, but King Moirades met it and gave even more. Shrines to her was built in Filichet and Mirin’s Cross. Virkala’s beauty and grace was renowned throughout Dragon Pass and the Lunar Provinces, but was challenged by Jar-eel and defeated. She died under mysterious circumstances in 1610.

Mirina (born 1586, Feathered Horse Queen 1610 to 1623, died 1623). The daughter of Sorana and an unknown father, she became Feathered Horse Queen in 1610, after the death of her sister. She took the title “Single Matron Woman,” and she never took a lover during her entire reign. She loved war and aided the Lunar Empire in crushing Starbrow’s Rebellion, invading Prax, and the conquest of the Holy Country. She was killed fighting in Esrolia in 1623, while her sister Vistera led a rebellion against her.Note: Some stories say that she was cursed by the Earth priestesses of Esrolia and later killed by her own bodyguard.

Vistera (born 1594, Feathered Horse Queen from 1623 to 1625). The daughter of Sorana and an unknown father, she became Feathered Horse Queen in 1623, after leading a rebellion against her sister. She took the title “With Bitter Heart” and ruthlessly avenged the deaths of her grandmother, mother, and sisters. She had pro-Lunar chiefs and priestesses murdered, allied with monsters and Tricksters, and made a terrible pact to awaken the Dragons. She died during the Dragonrise, upon witnesses her schemes reaching fruition.

Inkarne (born 1605, Feathered Horse Queen from 1625 to …). The daughter of Virkala and Moirades, Inkarne became Feathered Horse Queen upon the death of her aunt in 1625. She has taken the title “Reaches All”.