Esrolian Queens List

1. Bruvala (ruled 1461 to 1510). Called the High Queen, the Great, or the Mother of Queens, Bruvala was the greatest queen of Esrolia since the Second Age. She was born in 1441 to House Norinel. She married 15 men, and at one time maintained 5 husbands. She had 23 children (8 women, 15 males), including three queens and one winner of the Tournament of the Masters of Luck and Death. Her son forced her to retire as Reverend Grandmother, and she dominated Esrolia for another generation in “retirement”. She died in 1545, at 104 years old. Every subsequent Esrolian queen can trace her ancestry to Bruvala.

2. Bruvalaina  (ruled 1510 to 1522). Born 1485 into House Norinel. Daughter of Bruvala, she was an obedient daughter of the Reverend Grandmother, until she tried to rule the city in fact as well as title. She was forced to abdicate and retired to Ezel. She died in 1544 at 59 years old.

3. Bruva (ruled 1522 to 1525). Born 1500 to House Norinel. Daughter of Bruvala, she was acclaimed queen after her half-sister abdicated. She was murdered after trying to seize power from her mother.

4.  Brengala (ruled 1525 to 1545). Born 1509 to House Norinel. Youngest daughter of Bruvala, she was eventually given actual power by her mother. She aided Belintar against Doragrestol the Lisper. Brengala retired to become Reverend Grandmother upon Bruvala’s death. She was killed in 1565.

5. Norina (1545 to 1551). Born 1525 to House Norinel. Daughter of Brengala, Norina ruled well but was killed by Sartarite assassins seeking to avenge the death of their prince.

6. Imarjira (1551 to 1564). Born 1521 to House Delaeos (great-granddaughter of Bruvala through grandfather). Difficult rule, with much conflict with Brengala. Her brother won the Tournament of the Masters of Luck and Death in 1550. Imarjira was forced to abdicate in 1564.  She died in 1603, aged 72.

7. Valinyr (1564 to 1585). Born 1540 to House Delainaeo (great-grandaughter of Bruvala and niece of Brengala). Called the Sage. Overshadowed in history by her cousin Valina (the lover of Belintar and mother of Dormal), Valinyr was a shrewd ruler and a generous patron of many temples (particularly the Temple of Knowledge). Retired to become Reverend Grandmother. She died in 1610, aged 70.

8. Valinalda (1585 to 1610). Called the Rich. Born 1560 to House Delainaeo. Niece of Valinyr, Valinalda presided over the growth of Nochet into the largest city in Glorantha. Strongly supported the Issaries and Dormal cults, welcomed Sartarite refugees. Killed by an evil spirit invoked during a ceremony.

9. Hendira (1610 to 1622). Born 1580 to House Norinel. Granddaughter of Norina and daughter-in-law of Valinalda. She sought an alliance with the Lunar Empire after the disappearance of Belintar and built the Lunar Temple. Overthrown in a coup in 1622. She died in 1624, aged 44.

10. Samastina (1622 to present). Born 1603 to House Delaeos. Daughter of Marilaina (and great-grandaughter of Imarjira – also the niece of Hendira). She seized power in a coup against her aunt.

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