Chaosium & Moon Design Announce New Distribution Model for Europe

New model will significantly cut shipping costs for British and European customers

Chaosium and Moon Design Publications have finalized a new fulfillment and distribution model for Europe, it was announced at the Dragonmeet Games Convention in London yesterday.

Jeff Richard, Vice President and Creative Director of Chaosium, said UK-based firm Kixto ( will provide fulfillment for Europe, with the facility coming online in early 2016.

“This is great news for our British and European customers because there will be a significant cut to the cost of shipping”, said Richard.

The Diana Jones award-winning Moon Design, who own RuneQuest, HeroQuest and other product lines related to Greg Stafford’s mythic campaign setting Glorantha, recently joined the management of the veteran game company Chaosium, best-known for its acclaimed Call of Cthulhu RPG.

Richard said all Chaosium and Moon Design products would be available via Kixto to European customers, including fulfillment of Kickstarter campaigns. Moon Design is currently running a successful Kickstarter campaign to reprint the iconic RuneQuest2nd Edition as a “Classic Edition”.

A similar fulfillment and distribution arrangement for Australia and New Zealand is also in the works, Richard said.

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