Representatives of the Sixths in 1616

Prince of Sartar Chapter 3, The City of Wonders

Xoroho Hellspeaker, envoy from the Eldest Kin of the Shadow Plateau, presents herself to the immortal Belintar, God and King, the Master of Luck and Death! She is an old and powerful dark troll, daughter of a line of mothers reaching back to the eldest daughter of Xiola Umbar. A powerful priestess of both Argan Argar and Kyger Litor, Xoroho is the mistress of the dark powers that fought against Belintar, and yet has advised many incarnations of Belintar. She is friendly with many humans and her diplomacy has ensured that the trolls enjoys the support of the Master of Luck and Death.

Verakanos Bluesmoke, High King and Governor of the Sixth of Caladraland, presents himself to the immortal Belintar, God and King, the Master of Luck and Death! He is a long-time ally of the current incarnation of Belintar, and aided him in the Tournament of the Masters of Luck and Death. This is his second (non-consecutive) term as High King. Verakanos has fought many campaigns against the Western Barbarians in Thomble and he is considered the best warleader of the Six.

Sednadimos, Daughter of the Deep. A daughter of the mysterious mer-chief of the Choralinthor ludoch, Sednadimos provides Belintar with the counsel of the Deep. She, and her people, are strongly allied to the immortal God-King and make sure that none travel on the Rozgali or Choralinthor Seas without Belintar’s knowledge.
Sednadimos is a powerful magician and priestess of Magasta. She can speak all of the languages of the surface dwellers of Kethaela and can even write! Sednadimos is revered and worshiped by the humans of the Right Arm Islands.

Queen Hendira. The queen of Esrolia is a 35 year old noblewoman from House Norinel. She has been queen for the last 6 years and has two husbands (Jarstarkos of Delaeo and Hendrestos of Delainaeo). She broadly enjoys the support of the Grandmothers’ Council (the matriarchs who rule most of the clans in Esrolia). Hendira is shrewd, manipulative, voracious, and is willing to do almost anything to get what she wants. She  maintains a close alliance with the Eldest Kin of the Shadow Plateau, who have provided her with a bodyguard of troll mercenaries.

Orngerin the Sophisticate, King and Governor of Heortland, presents himself to the immortal Belintar, God and King, the Master of Luck and Death! He is a wise and just ruler of the Orlanthi, who keeps the peace in Heortland despite the provocations of the Volsaxi rebels at Whitewall. He was appointed governor in 1603 with much promise and hope, a patron of the arts and scholarship and all things good and decent.

Carvak Zirian, the mind of the Talar, presents himself to the immortal Belintar the Recurring, the Master of Luck and Death. Known to be more than three hundred years old (his actual age is a mystery), he has served Belintar since the Stranger first arrived in Kethaela. Carvak Zirian is a materialist sorcerer who views the gods as magical entities to be studied and controlled, rather than worshiped.
Carvak Zirian is friendly with many Lhankor Mhy sages. Two generations ago, his correspondence with Master Bondaru concerning the physical body and its ethereal attributes greatly enhanced the Knowledge Temple’s understanding of Second Age Jrusteli texts.

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