13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter Delayed Until Next Week

You’ve heard us talk about all the great things that happened at Gen Con. But alas, there was a dark lining lurking within our silver clouds: several people at Moon Design and Fire Opal got sick, and are in no condition to launch a Kickstarter this week. Even mighty Neil the Indefatigable seems a bit on the defatigable side.

So we’re delaying the start of our 13th Age in Glorantha Kickstarter until our key people are healthy enough to contribute to the effort. We have a few things that need to be finished before we launch, and we’re hoping that rest, lots of liquids, and visits to the doctor pay off and we’ll be able to launch in a week. We’ll keep you posted!

In the meantime, enjoy this Gen Con seminar on 13th Age adventure design with Rob Heinsoo, ASH LAW, Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan and Philippe-Antoine Ménard (aka the Chatty DM).