Sartar Kingdom Heroes Available at Dragonmeet, London

Submitted by Jeff on Tue, 03/11/2009 – 14:21

The world premiere of Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes will be at London Dragonmeet on Saturday, November 28th.

If you are a UK Gloranthaphile, this is your chance to get your copy of Sartar before anyone else in the world (and avoid the postage costs on a book that weighs MORE THAN A KILO!). Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes is approximately 400 pages long. It is fully and beautifully illustrated, with amazing maps from Colin Driver and Gill Pearce. This is the book Greg has been working on for almost 30 years; a one-stop, complete and comprehensive treatment of the core kingdom of Sartar and FULLY PLAYABLE!!!

Keep checking the website site for sample pages and preorder information for the Sartar book in the next few days.The Glorantha Rebirth is coming very very soon!

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