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Submitted by Jeff on Thu, 05/04/2012 – 07:46

March and April sure ended up being BUSY! In the last month:

  • We released Pavis: Gateway to Adventure! What a massive book! 416 pages not only updating the classic books of Pavis, Sun County, and the River of Cradles, but adding so much new material. We are really proud of this book and hope you will be as well.
  • My wife and I got our newest addition to our family. Our daughter was born right before we had initially hoped to release Pavis (resulting in a several week delay) and making things a little hectic on my side. If you tried to email me recently and got no response – now you know why!

So what’s up next?

  • Wyrms Footnotes #15. With articles on Far Point, Sun Dome County, Gloranthan warfare, the Upland Marsh, stories of the House of Sartar, a Sandy Petersen scenario seed, and much much more. In layout as we speak.
  • Gloranthan Bestiary, by Pete Nash. A completely new (or is that radically old-fashioned) approach to fictional bestiaries for RPGs. Greg and I are editing the manuscript, and I will be commissioning art for this very soon.
  • The Guide to Glorantha. I’m almost done with the manuscript and am starting the process of commissioning art and maps. This is the book you’ve been waiting for since 1988 – all of Glorantha in one book. As a result, it is going to be a big book – about the same size as Pavis.
  • The Coming Storm, by Ian Cooper. The adventures in Sartar continue amongst the Cinsina tribe near Jonstown. The death of the gods, werewolves, a trip to the Underworld, war, and rebellion. And lots lots more. In editing.
  • HeroQuest Horror, by Bruce Baugh. More on this soon!

Submitted by GhostWolf69 on Tue, 10/04/2012 – 10:55.

Congrats on the family addition! I’m a big fan of good news! 🙂


Submitted by Pruneau on Thu, 05/04/2012 – 11:40.

Congratulations with the bundle of Joy!

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