Much on my Plate

Submitted by Jeff on Fri, 09/03/2012 – 12:47

As you all have no doubt heard by now, Pavis: Gateway to Adventure is off to the printer and we should have ordering information up in the next few days. At 416 pages, this is our biggest book to date, even mightier than Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes. And with over two hundred pieces of art, charts, and maps, there’s not a lot of empty space in Pavis, nor stat blocks or other “filler” material. Just a lot of information, adventure, and fun.

With Pavis out of the way, I’ve got a lot on my plate:

  • Wyrms Footnotes 15. In layout right now.
  • The Coming Storm. I’m doing the final round of editing on this book (which absolutely rocks) and about to start the art commission process. Pretty confident this gets out this year.
  • Glorantha Bestiary. I’ve got this wonderful manuscript by Pete Nash that I have to read through and start editing. And then start the art commission process. Also pretty confident this gets out this year.
  • Guide to Glorantha. Almost done with writing the Genertela chapters (just Kralorela and Teshnos to finish). Then it is off to the Islands and Pamaltela. In between I will finish off the Mythical Guide for our Gods Age history material. I hope to have the text finished by summer and we’ve already start with art development. But there’s a lot to do – for example, there’s a LOT of maps we’re putting together here. And a LOT of new art.

Also pretty soon I expect to see White Bear and Wolf Pirates showing up on my desk, along with HQ Horror. Oh yes, and we are expecting the newest arrival to the Loroff-Richard family in less than a week. Much going on indeed! If I get a chance, maybe I’ll post some tantalizing sneak peaks…

Submitted by Carlos de la Cruz on Mon, 12/03/2012 – 02:57.
Makes sense. Guide to Glorantha is a more sensible choice, to give a broader sense of the setting.

I love Big Rubble, but I can wait. Just not forget about it, please! 😀

Submitted by Pnick (not verified) on Sat, 10/03/2012 – 20:40.Thanks for the reply Jeff.
I’d just hate to have be playing the Pavis book for a couple of years without the Rubble guide as a companion…. But still great times ahead for Glorantha.

Submitted by Jeff Richard on Sat, 10/03/2012 – 11:18.
Big Rubble is in the queue, but the manuscript is not as near completion as Guide to Glorantha. I debated adding it to the list, but I am personally committed to finishing the Guide of Glorantha as my top writing priority. And since I am the lead writer on both books, I think that means the Guide goes first.

Submitted by danm (not verified) on Sat, 10/03/2012 – 10:31.I know there has been a Lot of work on Big Rubble material, so I’m sure it’s on the way… They just can’t really put it on the plate with all the other goodnis, on account of the trolls being so hungry and all.

Submitted by Carlos de la Cruz on Sat, 10/03/2012 – 08:15.
After buying and reading both Sartar and Sartar Companion, I can say with authority I will buy ANY Gloranthan-related product Moon Design publishes… but as Pnick said, no Big Rubble on the horizon? That’s a shame, as a great survey of the Big Rubble is something I’ve been waiting for since years untold 😉

Submitted by Pnick (not verified) on Sat, 10/03/2012 – 03:38.
No Big Rubble on the horizon?

Submitted by Jim Groves (not verified) on Fri, 09/03/2012 – 18:59.
All of this news is crazy exciting! I find myself especially thrilled with the news about The Coming Storm. I’m hoping that you can tempt Ian Cooper into writing another blog entry about it. I just went back and re-read all of his old blog entries, and damn- it sounds like that is going to be a great book.

That’s not to diminish the other books and Wyrm’s Footprints in any way!

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