Making a Lunar Empire Map for the Guide

Submitted by Jeff on Thu, 03/05/2012 – 05:21

Maps are a big part of the Guide to Glorantha. All of the Middle World will have lovely color maps, and all of Central and Western Genertela will have extremely detailed maps at a scale roughly 1 inch to 30 miles.

But to do that has meant a LOT of work by our esteemed cartographers, Colin Driver and Simon Bray, and myself. Here’s an example of how we put this together. Taking Greg’s original detailed maps of the Lunar Empire, we’ve assembled them, corrected them, and added to them. We work out where the hills are, the heavy and light woods, and start working on elevation levels. This is the “master map” for the Lunar Empire, showing the amount of detail we have to work with.

Colin then takes this detail and plots it out. Soon all of central and western Genertela is depicted at this degree of detail. Then we constructed political and population overlays to give you additional details and additional ways to look at this.

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