Late Golden Age

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Here’s a little bit of something Eric Vanel and I are working on for the Guide.


Land of Enlightenment. It is incredibly rich, always peaceful, and without hunger. Osdero the Wise rules it, called by the Kralori Metsyla the Eagle Phoenix Emperor.

Aldrya’s Forest

Aldrya is the Great Goddess of the Elves. In this era she was the First Dryad, and her own tree grew upon the top of the Spike. Three types of Elves lived upon the mountain: the Yellow Elves upon the ground and around the base of the Spike; the Green upon the slopes of the mountains; and the White within the ring of Shanassee, the Tree of Aldrya.


The green-walled home of Shargash the Destroyer. When Umath defied Yelm, the Sun God released Shargash who charged out of Alkoth and fatally wounded Umath, but was badly hurt in the process.

Black Camp of Introspection

The Fourth Family of the Mountain People settled this camp, and later came from it to cause mischief and trouble.

Blue Dragon’s Path

The first waters which came here were in the form of great Blue Dragon. Orlanth defeated it beneath Kero Fin and sent the remaining part against the Solar Empire as the Oslira River.

Brilliance, Kingdom of

This is rich land is without strife or hunger. It is strongly associated with Genert’s Garden.

Citadel of Thought

The residence of Malkion the Seer, called Kiona. Kiona gathered the Prime Objects of the world into the Citadel of Thought.

The City

Here was built the first house, the first village, the first town, and eventually, the first city. It is the capital of the Kadenti, one of the Original Peoples of Malkion.


Duravan is a beautiful land, populated by many peoples but without cities or roads, given over to wild nature. It is ruled by Queen Hrenseneso who incarnates pleasure in the world.

Enlightenment, Kingdom of

The Kingdom of Enlightenment is incredibly rich, always peaceful, and without hunger. It is ruled by Govmeranen during the Reign of Peace.


One of the Original Peoples of Malkion. They are the chosen people of Zzabur.

Gamble Sea

These islands were made by the Gambling Contests of the Goddess of Animals of the Above and the Goddess of Waters.

Genert’s Garden

This verdant land of peace and plenty is ruled by Genert, the ruler of the North. This is where the first vegetation was cultivated. Here the first people lived and where they learned to cook.

Heron Hegemony

A people related to Herons and Egrets live in this quarter.


One of the six Original Peoples of Malkion. They spread outward as they increase in number, speaking with strangers and learning strange ideas.


One of the six Original Peoples of Malkion. The Kadeniti are tremendous builders and built both Suli and Vani.

Ivaro Pool

Demons from Sortum kidnapped Ivaro’s son, and so Ivaro came with all her watery brothers and drowned the kidnapper. Her greatest brother, Sarono, remained behind and was called the Duke of the Deep.


The home of the Keets, a feathered and beaked race.

Kero Fin

This is Larnste’s favorite mountain, his son daughter with Ga the Earth. The Dragons Nest is at her foot. Orlanth and his companions live here.

Lodril’s Mountain

This is Fire Mountain, home of the Earth Father who burns from within.

Logic, Kingdom of

This is the peaceful and undisturbed land of the six Original Peoples.

Mostal’s Mountain

Mostal raised his own mountain palace here after he lifted the Spike up. It is called the Magnetic Mountain, and is the oldest and first stronghold of the Mostali.


This is the second stronghold of the Mostali and under construction.


The Blue Serpent Nestentos invaded the Solar Empire from the south but was defeated and tamed by Murharzarm. She changed her name to be Oslira and became the great nurturer of Dara Happa.

Pamalt’s Fields

This verdant land of peace and plenty is ruled by Pamalt, the ruler of the South.


Waertag and his family made The Pier which juts out past the ends of the earth to reach into the endless sea. From here their boats wander away and explore the coasts.

Ratite Empire

A widespread race of bird-riding people live in this region. Ratites are the types of fierce and large, two-legged birds of the area.

Red Camp of Innocence

The Third Family of the Mountain People settled this camp. They are called the Spear People.


Sarono is the brother of Ivaro and came to rescue her and her children. He is the Duke of the Deep and rules the surrounding lands.

Serenity, Kingdom of

This innocent land is one of peace and plenty.

Sshorg Invades

The Eastern Lands are first inundated by the Flood of Terror, the first ever seen on land.

Slarfing Marsh

The Red Elves are found in the Slorifing Marsh.

Solar Empire

This golden empire surrounds the Footstool of Yelm, and contains the Ten Cities of Murharzarm. It is called Dara Happa and Murharzarm is the Emperor.


This evil mountain is home of the Great Devouring King Janadi.


This is the Cosmic Mountain, which spans all the Vertical Worlds, and whereupon the Celestial Court sits.


One of the six Original Peoples of the Malkioni, the Tadeniti invented writing tools, several pictorial scripts, and experimented with every media.


Soli made men and women out of red earth, brown sand, gray earth, and black mud. Each man and woman made love to the others, and they became the ancestors of the Sixteen Families of Thinobutu.


Invading Ocean of the southeast. Togaro was first water to wash upon the land.

Top of the World

This mountain was raised by Mostal and Larnste to keep warring peoples apart.

Twin Mountains

The ancestors of the later Shanshan mountain ranges raised themselves here. There was a tall Dark Mountain to the north, and a Light Mountain to the south. Each is inhabited by a powerful dragon who danced atop its respective peak.

Um Mountain

The Great Hill where the Old Gods live, it was raised by Balumbasta the Earth Father.


The Perfect City. Vani was established solely according to the Urban Principles, and founded by Talar, Zzabur, Horal, and Dromal.


One of the six Original Peoples of the Malkioni, the Viymorni love exploring. They are the first to beyond the Kingdom of Logic, which are the laws of Malkion.


One of the six Original Peoples of the Malkioni, Waertag and his people love the sea. They made the first boats and sailed away, settling on numerous places on the coast.

White Camp of Wisdom

The First Family of the Mountain People settled this camp. They are sometimes called the Long Beards. They are destroyed when Umath is killed and falls crashing into the earth, forming a great crater where the White Camp was. Umath’s sons came to this place to retrieve his powers and weapons.

White Sea

This sea was created in the battle where Umath was killed and Shargash sorely wounded. The waters rushed in to fill the region, leaving only Umath’s Crater free of the waters.

Yellow Camp of Enlightenment

The Second Family of the Mountain People settled this camp. They are the beardless Kat tribe.

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On the subject of the Hsunchen, I think the God Learner belief is they migrated from Pamaltela like Basmol did.  I think they are wrong but the first Hsunchen in Genertela (the Telmori, the Deer Hsunchen and the Rathori) won’t become noticable until later in the Storm Age.

There were God Learners in Loral and Fonrit and so they probably knew of Thinobutu.  They didn’t know Elamle or Kimos and so their understanding may have been incomplete.

Submitted by Joerg Baumgartner on Mon, 18/06/2012 – 03:17.

I wonder about the absence of any Hsunchen/Fiwan/Hykimi peoples in this map. IIRC the neighboring human-shaped peoples’ beast natures were a major topic for the Malkioni relations with these, and e.g. Ralios and Fronela are all about these folks.

Did the God Learners ever research Thinobutu?

Submitted by Jeff on Thu, 14/06/2012 – 15:24.

Kero Fin is the daughter of Larnste and Ga. “Son” is an error on my part. The gazeteer section was put together as a reference for Eric and myself and I am sharing it because I think it is cool.

Editor-in-Chief, Moon Design Publications

Submitted by Herve on Thu, 14/06/2012 – 15:21.

This offers some new fascinating insights, such as these “Mountain People” who set up the four Cardinal Camps (aka Guardians of Directions to the dara happan), the fact that Kero Fin is called a SON (check it up) or that the Rinliddi are much older than we thought. And this open new questions, such as : what were the three Kingdoms (besides the Kingdom of Logic) on the map ?

Submitted by Charles on Thu, 14/06/2012 – 08:43.

Fantastic! I look forward to seeing more from Eric.

Submitted by metcalph on Wed, 13/06/2012 – 15:44.

Among other things, I think the Heron Hegemony is misplaced and refers properly to Darjiin.  But then this is, I understand, a God Learner map rather than an “objective” map so that’s alright then.

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