Glorantha Convention Calendar 2010

Submitted by Jeff on Tue, 04/05/2010 – 15:05

The HQ Glorantha team are coming to several RPG Conventions in Europe this year.



Bacharach, Germany May 21st – May 24th

THE ETERNAL CONVENTION is your chance to spend a weekend gaming in a castle on the Rhine River! Unbelievable scenery, great people, and amazing fun! There are still spaces so – Register now! ETERNAL CONVENTION features HeroQuest Glorantha, Mongoose Runequest, Call of Cthulhu, Traveler and much more. There will be a Glorantha seminar featuring members of the Moon Design team. ETERNAL CONVENTION is a residential convention, you can sleep, game, drink, and eat all in Castle Stahleck. UPDATE: Get your ETERNAL CONVENTION German beer stein, t-shirt, or more, featuring art by our own Dan Barker! Just check it out here and order!


Leicester, England July 2nd – July 5th

CONTINUUM is a weekend-long celebration of table-top roleplaying, miniatures, freeform and board gaming. Held at Leicester University’s John Foster Hall you can spend a relaxed weekend in a friendly atmosphere playing a whole host of different types of game. CONTINUUM’s focus is on pen, paper and dice roleplaying games but the variety we support is truly extraordinary. CONTINUUM is a residential convention with comfortable rooms and great local facilities.


THE KRAKEN is a new gaming event in Germany brought to you by the fabled Tentacles team. Check out their THE KRAKEN will host the creator of Glorantha Greg Stafford and the designer of Call of Cthulhu Sandy Petersen! THE KRAKEN is a baroque gathering of international gamers and game creators to play and create fine quality games. Taking place at Schloss Neuhausen, a Prussian Château, in the middle of summer it is primed to become the icon of a new generation of gaming events. Combining high comfort, fine food, German beer, a picturesque venue and the best in gaming THE KRAKEN will be a true gaming vacation. THE KRAKEN is by the same people who brought you the Tentacles Convention. It honors the tradition of supporting the classic games of Chaosium, Inc., Issaries, Inc. and their offspring by Moon Design, Mongoose, Pegasus Spiele and Éditions Sans Détour but will be open to all kinds of quality games. THE KRAKEN is also the heir to the crazy, fun and innovative spirit of Tentacles. THE KRAKEN is a non-profit event.

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