Heortling Mythology goes to the printers

Submitted by Jeff on Tue, 11/05/2010 – 17:32

The revised edition of the Book of Heortling Mythology has just gone to the printer and we expect it to be available for general sale over our website by the end of the month. However, for those of you going to Eternal Convention at Bacharach, you can get your hands on a copy for just €30 (and no postage).

This volume of the Stafford Library is a compilation of every Orlanthi myth, god, and hero published or unpublished known by Greg Stafford at the time of printing. The Book of Heortling Mythology contains myths from the entirety of the Orlanthi God Time: from the Creation of Glorantha to the Lightbringers Quest and and the Death of Heort. It also provides dozens of short tales about various Orlanthi gods and heroes, maps of the various God Ages, a complete list of all canonical Orlanthi gods, demons, and heroes, and much much more. The revised edition includes all-new maps of the Storm Realm, the Storm Age, the Great Flood, and the Great Darkness, an expanded index and more! If you already bought a PDF of Heortling Mythology, Moon Design will send you a free PDF of the revised edition once the book is generally available.

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