Four Major Cultures Genertela

Submitted by Jeff on Fri, 14/10/2011 – 20:45

Approximately 55 million people reside in Genertela. Over 70% of the population belong to one of four broad cultural groups.

Kralorelan. Total population: 13.1 million. Consists of cultures those tracing their origin to ancient Land of Enlightenment. They are distantly related to the peoples of the East Isles. This cultural group includes the Empire of Kralorela (8.9 million), the Kingdom of Ignorance (2.2 million), and Teshnos (2 million). On the map, they are depicted with various purple tints.

Lunar. Total population 8.3 million. Consists of those cultures that have embraced the Red Goddess (and not merely ruled by the Lunar Empire). They are distantly related to the Solar nomads of Pent. This cultural group includes Dara Happans (3.9 million), various Pelorian groups (2.1 million), Carmania (0.9 million), and the Arrolian cities of Fronela (0.4 million). On the map they are depicted in red.

Orlanthi. Total population 9.4 million. Consists of those tribes and nations worshiping the Theyalan gods and goddesses, chief of those typically being Orlanth and Ernalda, although there is much regional variation. This cultural group can be found in Fronela (2.4 million), Maniria (3.0 million), Peloria (1.1 million), and Ralios (2.4 million). A large colony of Orlanthi can be found in the Pamaltelan region of Umathela. On the map they are depicted in brown.

Western. Total population 9.3 million. Consists of those peoples who adhere to one of the sects of Malkioni philosophy. There is a broad array of Malkioni sects; some deny the gods completely (Brithinism), others are philosophical monotheists (Rokari and New Hrestoli), and still others combine Malkionism with worship of lesser gods (Henotheists, who are often not accepted by other sects as being Western). This cultural group can be found in Fronela (3.7 million), Maniria (0.3 million), Safelster (2.4 million), and the West (2.9 million). On the map, they are depicted in blue tints.

The map also includes two major Elder Races:

Aldryami. Total population approximately 1.7 million. Such numbers only count the humanoid wood-people (called “elves” by the Orlanthi) and not the runners, or other spirits associated with them. On the map, they are depicted in green tints.

Trolls. Total population 3 million.

Submitted by Jeff Richard on Tue, 08/11/2011 – 00:16.

Sadly Praxian did not rate as one of the major cultures. In the First Age, I’d be tempted to color them brown. ūüėÄ

Submitted by Chris Lemens on Tue, 08/11/2011 – 00:01.

The white areas are current and future areas of Praxian dominion. So are the purple, brown, blue, gold, green, and gray areas. You can keep the water. So says Yazurkial.

Submitted by Jeff Richard on Mon, 07/11/2011 – 15:25.

Carmanians count as Lunars. Linguistically and culturally, they are Pelandans with a wizardly caste that long-ago merged Irensavalism with local practices. They are culturally far more similar to the other Pelorian lowlanders than to the Westerners of Loskalm.

Submitted by Mark Mohrfield on Wed, 26/10/2011 – 21:56.

It occurs to me that some of these peoples belong to more than one of the mentioned cultures. The Caramanians, for instance, are both Lunars and Westerners. I take it they were only counted in one of these catagories?

Submitted by Jarl Wilm on Tue, 18/10/2011 – 10:46.

Never mind: looking at the map with a better resolution I see there are no gray areas up in the northwest. I’ve checked some old maps, and I see the gray area that’s north of Seshnela, south of the elves and west of the Orlanthi must be Guhan (please don’t tell the other Bulls I can read—they’ll never let me live it down!). Also, the yellow areas seem to be Solar cultures unpolluted by the Red Moon (ptoohi!)—- I see the same areas marked in yellow on a Dawn Age map.

Submitted by Jarl Wilm on Tue, 18/10/2011 – 10:18.

They aren’t labeled, but it looks like Uz are the gray areas. The north end of the Kingdom of Ignorance fits, the area north of Dragon Pass would be Dagori Inkarth, north of the Lunar Empire (ptoohi!) is the Blue Moon Plateau, and north of the elf forest to the west of Dragon Pass is Halikiv. I don’t know what those scattered gray pockets would be to the northwest—I never got that far. And I have no idea what the yellow is.

Submitted by Guy Hoyle on Sun, 16/10/2011 – 05:59.

The black areas are the mountain ranges. Trolls don’t appear to be shown on the map.

Submitted by Logan on Fri, 14/10/2011 – 23:14.

What are the gold areas? I assume the black/grey are Uz.

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