East Wilds And Dragon Pass

Submitted by Jeff on Tue, 04/10/2011 – 18:18

The Ralian East Wilderness has ancient ties to Dragon Pass dating back to the First Age when it was settled by Theyalans who brought their culture and their gods. These people were among the first to embrace Harmast when he returned from his Lightbringers Quest and they liberated themselves during the Lightning Revolts against the Bright Empire. Many Orlanthi of the East Wilds fought in the Army of Orlanth or later joined the army of Harmast and Talar the Laughing Warrior.

In the Second Age, the East Wilds was part of the Kingdom of Orlanthland established between 580 and 587 S.T. The Nardain Society of long-range fliers kept the Orlanthi of the East Wilds in contact with Dragon Pass. Two centuries later, the East Wilds were integrated into the Empire of Wyrms Friends and the old Sun Dome Temple that had been destroyed by Arkat was refounded.

In 880 S.T., Alakoring attains fame leading a rebellion against the EWF, which briefly unites the Orlanthi of the East Wilds and Vestmonstran (and later Brolia, Talastar and much of South Peloria) into a huge short-lived Old Way Traditionalist confederation (with Alakoring as king, high priest, and warlord). This confederation collapsed upon Alakoring’s death in 940 S.T. Then the Orlanthi returned to fighting amongst each other and their neighbors.

Since the Dragonkill in 1120 S.T., the Orlanthi of the East Wilds and Vesmonstran have been isolated from their South Pelorian and Dragon Pass brethren. Cut off from events in Dragon Pass, the Orlanthi of Ralios have developed their own distinctive and dynamic Orlanthi identity that has preserved and built upon lore and customs that are now lost to Dragon Pass and South Peloria.

Submitted by Alan Kellogg (not verified) on Sun, 08/01/2012 – 11:07

Are they anything like the Jews of Elephantine, said to be descended from Hebrews who stayed behind in Egypt when Moses led the Children of Israel to Canaan?