Draft Character Sheets for Sartar

Submitted by Jeff on Wed, 26/08/2009 – 21:51

We are playing around with fresh new Sartarite character sheets to go with Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes. Matthew Cole, in consultation with a host of folk including Robin Laws, has been developing these character sheets and we wanted to post a preliminary draft for your review.

We are still tweaking the entries, but figured it would be cool to post our drafts on the blog.One thing you might notice is the figure labeled Clan Tattoo. I wanted to make sure the character sheets had: room to draw your clan tattoos and any other magical tattoos your Sartarite character has.

As Sartar says:

The Orlanthi mark their bodies with magical runes of the gods, cults, ancestors, clan, tribe, and other sacred events. Each clan and tribe has its own tattoo; at initiation, you were marked with those signs as well as the marks of your gods and your runes. Your status, profession, and important life events are also marked with tattoos.Orlanthi tattoos can be located on many places of the body: the face, the shoulder, the arms, the back, the abdomen, and so on. The tattoos are magical focuses, sacred to the Orlanthi gods, and place you under their protection.

I am huge fan of having room to draw stuff on your character sheet. Since clan and cult tattoos define the the individual Orlanthi, I figure that should be on the character sheet as well! The tattoos in this sheet will not be present in the final character sheet.

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