Detailing Glorantha

Submitted by Jeff on Wed, 23/03/2011 – 14:39

For the upcoming Guide to Glorantha, we are working on some detailed regional maps for Genertela, showing population information for cities and cultural groups. We think this will help Glorantha come alive for GM and player alike, and make it far easier for GMs to help define Glorantha for their players and themselves.

Here’s an example, an early hand-drawn draft of the Sartar Population Detail:

For those of you with Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes and the Sartar Companion, much of this information is not new, as those books give plenty of population figures. One oddity on this map – Duck Point has been counted twice, once as the main urban settlement in Beast Valley, another as one of the urban settlements of Sartar. That oddity is intentional but worth noting. The final draft has population numbers for the Pol Joni as well as for the trolls of Cliffhome and Crabtown.

Here’s another map of an area containing a lot of new information that has not been published before: Heortland and God Forgot.

This map clearly shows the two post-Belintar political groupings in Heortland: King Broyan’s Hendriki Kingdom (centered on Whitewall), and King Rikard the Tiger-Hearted’s Kingdom of Malkonwal (centered on Durengard). King Broyan, a powerful Orlanthi heroquester and heir to the ancient kingdom of the Vingkotlings, contends with King Rikard, a Malkioni adventurer who has cobbled together a kingdom from diverse groups through charisma and force of arms. In the south are semi-independent principalities (Bandori, the March, and the Isles) and the atheist lands of God Forgot.

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