Dara Happan Depictions of the Orlanthi Gods

Submitted by Jeff on Sun, 24/07/2011 – 13:58

From the Jonstown Compendium, #15,953

“Among the items I saw in the wagon train of Sor-Eel were one hundred ritual demon masks. Kolos said they were made by crafter in the city of Raibanth and are used by Lunars magicians when they perform their heroquests. Amazingly, Harnaval told me that ten of the masks were actually sacred to our own gods and used by the Lunars to enslave the good gods. Before the train continued, I asked Yarnimo to sketch the masks for me.

I do not dare give these masks their true names for fear of aiding our enemies. However, the Lunars names them as follows.

On the upper row are: the Armless Howler, the Black Bat, the Handsome Grinner, the Hare God, the Intruder.

On the lower row are: The Mother of Kings, the River Goddess, the Ugly Old Woman, the Goddess of Lust, and the White Ram.

Apparently these masks are based on the sculptures of the Gods Wall, a huge bas relief north of Raibanth that Vainorum asserts was made by Lodril at the Creation and depicts all of the gods of the heavens, earth and the underworld. The Dara Happan claimed our Great Gods appear multiple times on the Gods Wall and madly asserted that we have merged several gods together into our cults. Such is the madness that we must rely upon to get a glimpse of our enemy’s schemes.”

Submitted by Charles Corrigan (not verified) on Mon, 10/10/2011 – 05:37.
Here’s my try…Armless Howler: Orlanth Storm
Black Bat: Humakt / Argan Argar
Handsome Grinner: Issaries / Lhankor Mhy
Hare God: Eurmal
Intruder: Elmal
Mother of Kings: Ernalda / Kero Fin
River Goddess: Helera / Heler
Ugly Old Woman: Ty Kora Tek / Asrelia
Goddess of Lust: Ernalda / Uleria
White Ram: Orlanth / Urox / Yinkin

Submitted by Jeff Richard (not verified) on Fri, 05/08/2011 – 14:48.
Four out of ten isn’t that bad! 😀

Submitted by Jeff Richard (not verified) on Tue, 02/08/2011 – 09:22.
You must not be a good Orlanthi cultist! 🙂 FWIW, most have their features straight out of the descriptions in the Sartar book.

Submitted by Guy Hoyle (not verified) on Tue, 02/08/2011 – 01:27.
I have trouble identifying ANY of the masks as Orlanthi gods. But they ARE beautiful.

Submitted by Eric Vanel (not verified) on Sun, 31/07/2011 – 03:37.
The pictures are lovely !! Bravo Simon !
My turn to make a try :
the Armless Howler : I would say the Mother of Cows, but as well Urox
the Black Bat : Looks Troll to me. Let’s say Argan Argar
the Handsome Grinner : Issaries…
the Hare God : Trickster
the Intruder : Orlanth/Umath/Umatum/Terminatus
The Mother of Kings : Kero Fin
the River Goddess : Engizi… but Oslira as well.
the Ugly Old Woman : A mix of Asrelia and Maran Gor
the Goddess of Lust : Uleria
the White Ram : A strange mix of Yinkin and Urox

Submitted by Greg Stafford (not verified) on Sat, 30/07/2011 – 22:42.
These are fantastic!
Another cartful of kudos for Simon!

Submitted by Simon Bray (not verified) on Wed, 27/07/2011 – 01:01.
HI,I am loving this feedback, its really making me smile. Jeff said you would have fun working out the secrets of this Lunar Heroquest…

Submitted by Hervé C. (not verified) on Tue, 26/07/2011 – 23:03.
The more I look at these masks, the more I’m certain “Kolos” did lie (intentionally or not) to our deluded sartarite. Most of these masks have nothing to do with orlanthi gods. They have to do with non-Dara happan entities, which many lunars call “barbaric” and cast in the same box as heortling. Traditional maskmakers of Raibanth follow instructions from the Sacred Priests who have never been near Sartar.Black bat is Mahaquata, slayer of Yelm.
Mother of Kings is a form of Sedyena ; she has a nose ring which is exactly the same as the Goddess’. She also has coiled long hairs, like the Goddess’.
Ugly old woman, with hairs of writhing serpents, is Gorgorma the Horror.
White ram is the god of the ram people, or perhaps a chaos monster (notice the fangs, quite odd for a ram. Maybe it’s

Submitted by Theya Two Mothers (not verified) on Tue, 26/07/2011 – 07:25.Hmm…
1 – Urox? Looks like a bull. Perhaps Barntar or even Uleria.
2 Looks a bit like a troll – call it the tusks. My impression from GRoY was that death for the Dara Happans came more from trolls & darkness than bats. So this mask could be their interpretation of Ty Kora Tek, or perhaps even Kygor Litor.
3 – Barntar (he’s so happy and handsome)
4 – Eurmal
5 – Vadrus (intruder)
6 – Ernalda
7 – No idea
8 – Ty Kora Tek (she looks too dead to be Asrelia), though she could be Maran Gor
9 – Chalana Arroy
10 – it’s a puzzlement. Could be Heler, but probably Orlanth himself. The Dara Happans had lots of stories of southern barbarians who followed a lewd ram god.

Submitted by Hervé (not verified) on Tue, 26/07/2011 – 01:56.
Bravo on many counts : the art itself, the enigma it brings to us (which masks are which) and, above all, the insight in relativity it gives us, bringing a fresh, visual new point of view on well-known Gods. Finally, the colors make these masks much more visually powerful than drab B&W.I say hare ist trickster and that Heler/Helera is two of them (7 and 9).

Submitted by AndrewTBP (not verified) on Mon, 25/07/2011 – 12:39.
I suspect the Black Bat is Humakt. I remember reading somewhere that a Darra Happan death god is a bat.

Submitted by Trotsky (not verified) on Mon, 25/07/2011 – 01:43.
I’d guess that the hare god is most likely to be Eurmal. Other than that, Doyle’s identifications of Uleria and Orlanth make the most sense to me, but beyond that it’s tough. Possibly because they don’t have one-to-one correspondences.

Submitted by Doyle Wayne Ramos-Tavener (not verified) on Mon, 25/07/2011 – 00:52.
What can I say. I’m sure my character is now in the home for madmen and disabled heroquesters, thought the name escapes me.

Submitted by Jeff Richard (not verified) on Sun, 24/07/2011 – 22:09.
Urox is potentially there (his magic overlaps with at least three masks, some better than others) but not as the first one. There’s pretty much no magical overlap between them. Simon Bray did these and we are exceptional proud of what he has put together! Jeff

Submitted by XL (not verified) on Sun, 24/07/2011 – 22:04.

Amazing! Who is the artist?Is Urox the first one?

The Hare God’s ears look like shoes.

Submitted by Jeff Richard (not verified) on Sun, 24/07/2011 – 21:46.2.
5 right out of 10! HeroQuesting is tough!

Submitted by Doyle Wayne Ramos-Tavener (not verified) on Sun, 24/07/2011 – 20:36.I’ll take a stab at identifying them:
the Armless Howler (Gagarth)
the Black Bat (?)
the Handsome Grinner (Issaries)
the Hare God (?)
the Intruder (Orlanth? Umath?)
The Mother of Kings (Ernalda)
the River Goddess (The Creek-Stream-River Goddess? Certainly not Oslira…)
the Ugly Old Woman (Asrelia)
the Goddess of Lust (Uleria)
the White Ram (Heler?)

Submitted by Varma Many Truths (not verified) on Sun, 24/07/2011 – 18:38.
When the intruder knows the love of the Red Goddess, and his worshippers know the discipline of Danfive Xaron, then Orlanths final face will be revealed. May that day come soon

Submitted by Jeff Richard (not verified) on Sun, 24/07/2011 – 18:10.
Varma, these masks were made in Raibanth, not Sartar! The Intruder is never Penitent as that would contradict his base nature. But Danfive Xaron proves that we mortals can enjoy the blessings of Our Red Goddess, whatever our crimes. If even a half-barbarian murderer like Danfive Xaron can be welcomed to Our Red Goddess, than there is hope even for the barbarians of Dragon Pass.

Submitted by Varma Many Truths ( Priest of Irripi Ontor) (not verified) on Sun, 24/07/2011 – 17:23.
What lovely artwork. How strange a primitive barbarian is capable of this. For the un-enlightened, and there are many in Sartar, you should know that the seven faces of Orlanth are also depicted on the wall. They are, Orlanth the thief, Orlanth the kinslayer, Orlanth bringer of Chaos, Orlanth bringer of darkness, Orlanth the lustful,
Orlanth the deceiver, and Orlanth the Penitent. There are no features on the mask of Orlanth the Penitent, because no one yet knows this face of the god. Poor ignorant savages!

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