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Submitted by Jeff on Sun, 15/04/2012 – 12:10

Howdy all!

This spring and summer looks like a lot of European Glorantha conventions! I’ll be attending all three of the conventions below, and suggest you do as well (assuming time and finances permit, of course).

May 25-28: Eternal Con – the convention in the castle.

July 20-23: Continuum 2012

August 29- September 3: The Kraken

More information below:

THE KRAKEN 2012 – A Gaming Vacation!

THE KRAKEN is 5 days of games and fun in summer at Schloss Neuhausen, a picturesque Château in former Prussia, Germany. As a baroque gathering of international gamers and game creators the aim of THE KRAKEN is to entertain by playing and creating fine quality games. Great cuisine cooked by a accomplished chef, all-inclusive drinks, comfortable 2-bed rooms of hotel standard, stunning gaming events and a marvelous venue make THE KRAKEN a true gaming vacation.

The guest line-up for THE KRAKEN in 2012 includes: Sandy Petersen (Designer of the ‘Call of Cthulhu’ RPG), Charlie Krank (President of Chaosium, Inc.), Grégory Privat (Gloranthan Army) and Jeff Richard (Moon Design Publications).

A Gaming Vacation
August 29 – September 3, 2012
Schloss Neuhausen, Germany

Book here:

As the official successor to the Tentacles Convention THE KRAKEN honors the tradition of supporting the classic games and gameworlds of Chaosium, Inc., Issaries, Inc. and their offspring by Moon Design, The Design Mechanism, Pegasus Spiele and Éditions Sans Détour but is open to all kinds of quality games and gamers. The main language of THE KRAKEN is English.

THE KRAKEN is hosted by the RuneQuest Gesellschaft e.V. and run by the former Tentacles Convention team. No wonder it is also the heir to the crazy, fun and innovative spirit of Tentacles and hosts many of its attendees. THE KRAKEN is a non-profit event.




May 25 – 28, 2012
Castle Stahleck, Bacharach, Germany


The Eternal Convention is an international and family friendly RPG Con with 50% foreign guests from about a dozen different countries all over the world. It is no surprise that English is the dominant spoken language.


The Eternal Con starts Friday May 25th 2012 at about 14h and ends Monday May 28th at 10h. If you like to stay longer and enjoy some of Germany’s favourite regions we are happy to help you to book accommodations before and/or after the event.


Roughly between Cologne and Frankfurt lies the Castle Stahleck overlooking the River Rhine.

YES! A real medieval castle, now a modern youth hostel, hosts our games and guests.

Game in the historical “Rittersaal” (The Knights Hall), enjoy a fine wine, good beer or a cafe latte at the courtyard in the shadow of the huge tower and count the ships on the great river.

All rooms are modern with separate rest-rooms, good and solid beds and a wonderful view.

Nearest airports are Frankfurt (Main) and Frankfurt (Hahn). From Frankfurt (Main) there is a regular train connecting the airport with the town of Bacharach, from Frankfurt (Hahn) airport we provide a shuttle service for you.

Submitted by Jeff on Thu, 19/04/2012 – 16:35.

All of these conventions are fantastic. Eternal Con is in a castle on the Rhine. With good but inexpensive white wine and scenery you can’t beat. Continuum is a lot of old friends and my favorite UK convention. And the Kraken…. a week of gaming! What I love about it is you can run a long multisession, minifreeform and really push the envelope of what gaming is. I plan to run a several-day long mythic adventure deep into Glorantha’s Hero Wars while I am there. Hope you join me!


Editor-in-Chief, Moon Design Publications

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