Coming Soon Sartar Companion

Submitted by Jeff on Thu, 19/08/2010 – 12:14

Greetings all –

The text has gone through copy edit twice, the art is nearly all finished and layout has commenced! That means very soon we will be putting up the ordering information for The Sartar Companion – the sequel to Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes.

The Sartar Companion includes:

  • Full write-ups for places like Jonstown, Tarndisi’s Grove, Runegate, Old Wind, and the New Lunar Temple;
  • 42 Exemplary Random Encounters and 31 Special Encounters – each a potential adventure in its own right;
  • Six full-length adventure scenarios; and
  • Full write-ups of the cults of Argan Argar, Babeester Gor, Eurmal, Heler, Kolat, and Odalya.

With more than 100 illustrations, including at least 18 maps, The Sartar Companion is, if anything, even more fantastic than Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes.

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