15 Sun Dome Temples

Jeff Mon, 03/10/2011 – 20:54

Throughout the entire region of central Genertela, including the Lunar provinces where the temples probably originated, there are no more than fifteen temples extant during the Hero Wars period. After reviewing the ancient (and very canonical) maps, I can now present you with the approximate location of all 15 Sun Dome Temples in Genertela (more detailed maps will have to wait until the Guide to Glorantha is published).

From the map, the area in Southern Peloria called Saird is clearly the center of the cult, with 11 Sun Dome Temples (3 in Holay, 2 in Tarsh, 2 in Aggar, 1 in Sylila, 1 in Vanch, and 1 in Imther). This makes a lot of sense, given that (1) the Daysenerus cult was given good lands confiscated from rebellious Heortlings after the Theyalan Wars, (2) Mirin’s Cross was the Second Age center of the cult, and (3) the Yelmalio cult supported Verenmars and his Kingdom of Saird.

Additionally, the make makes obvious the importance of the Sun Dome Temples in providing reliable infantry to the Lunar Provincial Army. With 11 temples, that’s likely 11,000 soldiers available for the service of the Empire. These temples are the military anchor of the “Sairdite” solar culture. The temples are all strategically located to make it possible to defend the lowland farmers. Yelmalio is the main soldier cult of the river cities of Saird, although no reason it can’t coexist with Humakt, Hwarin Dalthippa, or Yanafal Tarnils.

Historically, Jannisor’s Rebellion included the Sun Dome Temples of Saird, allied with the Sable Tribes, and the many Orlanthi tribes surrounding Saird. Likely the Sun Dome Temples were part of the Kynnelfing Alliance that resisted but ultimately was defeated by the Conquering Daughter. The Sun Dome Temples fought on all sides of the wars during Third and Fourth Wanes, but have been mostly allied with the Lunar Provincial Government since the Sixth Wane.

Outside of Saird, there are only 4 temples – 1 in Fronela, 1 in Delela (near Karia), 1 in Sartar, and 1 in Prax. These temples are almost entirely autonomous and independent of their cousins in South Peloria.

Submitted by Jeff Richard on Fri, 07/10/2011 – 11:54.

Many don’t have names that would have any meaning, but here’s a few locations (or nearest location to the Temple within a day’s march):

1. Peralam
2. Daughter’s Road
3. Domanand
4. Vanntar
5. Little Cafol
6. Laramite Hills
7. Linstingland
8. Zalador Hills
9. Orenair Sun Dome
10. Upper Forantin Sun Dome
11. Ever-Victorious Glory
12. Goldedge
13. Karia March
14. North Dona
15. Mo Baustra (Prax)


Submitted by Sysiphus on Sun, 09/10/2011 – 17:34.

Hello there.

Mmmh… out of casual and perverse curiosity I was searching for that most eastern yellow spot… and guess what ? Karia ! Nice.

If I recollect well David and Joerg’s writing about Eastern Ralios, well, I don’t know if these Yelmalions are attributed to Istakax or Kilwin ? (looks like in between ?… lost in the wilds ?…)
As I am working on a campaign over there, i’d be interested in knowing about their origins… ‘civilized’ lowland folks or wild highland barbarians ? Are they Galanini, (t.i. horse-folk ?) knowing they worship Yelm as supreme ?

Submitted by Jeff Richard on Thu, 06/10/2011 – 17:30.
I’ve got some of the earlier drafts from before WBRM, and let me tell you, things look very different indeed. However looking at my Dragon Pass board map, one of the temples is right there on the map. Greg just didn’t know it was a Sun Dome Temple when he put it together. But it is there, has a unit and everything.

The second temple is not on the map but several hexes north of 1601 or 1700.

Submitted by Joerg Baumgartner (not verified) on Thu, 06/10/2011 – 17:20.I have (and treasure) the map with the moon-sized crater occupying most of the center of the Lunar Empire and forcing it to spread out and distort around it (in the printed version of the White Bear and Red Moon rules) – very evocative of how it should feel to stand in Glamour and gaze on the Crater.

However, the gameboard I am referring to has Apple Lane on it and uses the same mountain style as those evocative maps in RQ2, Cults of Prax etc. and has seen practically no major additions appropriate to that scale yet.

That the two Tarshite Sun Dome Temples don’t appear as units in the game can be explained by the Dragonrise of 1625 – the Native Furthest militia never felt appropriate for a Lunarized Orlanthi kingdom twice the size of Sartar, and the dragonrise has always been the excuse for this. That disappointment was my initial reaction, nothing more.

Submitted by Jeff Richard (not verified) on Tue, 04/10/2011 – 15:10.
Joerg – Most Yelmalio cultists are farmer-soldiers who belong to one of the Sairdite cities of South Peloria. They are all best thought of as a type of very well-drilled militia (like the Greek phalanxes or Swiss Pike). They rarely fight outside of their own domain unless paid (which deals with the loss of agricultural labor for a season or two).

They likely could muster some 11,000 pike if all 11 Sun Dome Temples in South Peloria were engaged, but those pike are directly supported by a civilized hinterland 150k to 220k (out of a total Sairdite population of about 600k).

As for the Dragon Pass boardgame map, that’s over thirty years old. Maybe I will post someday what Greg imagined the Lunar Empire looking like at the time. 😀

Submitted by Joerg Baumgartner (not verified) on Tue, 04/10/2011 – 13:53.
I am sort of disappointed to find at least one, if not three new locations on the Dragon Pass boardgame map and quite close to Balazar.

From your text, the temples within the empire are on permanent retainer of the Lunars, or in dire financial straits if they have to feed such a huge unproductive population of warriors. The two better-known temples have different solutions for feeding themselves – the Praxian temple probably is understrength and has a militia element to buffer the ranks, whereas the Sartar temple in Vanntar has a dedicated Ergeshi slave population to provide a labour force, with part of the templars serving as back-up overseers.

A full-strength Sun Dome Temple requires a population equivalent to 3 to 6 Heortling or Alakoringite tribes as an economic basis (and then still is dependent on regular mercenary contracts). This could make them some of the largest slave-holding groups in the Provinces. Do the Provincial ones subsist on barley, or have they switched to maize?

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