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Submitted by Dr Ghul on Sun, 22/04/2012 – 03:34

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Wyrms footnotes was expected for march.Do you have some news ?
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All of our deadlines in March

Submitted by Jeff on Mon, 23/04/2012 – 00:59.

All of our deadlines in March got pushed back when my wife gave birth to our daughter. You can read about it here. As the post says, Wyrms Footnotes is in layout. I need to do some very minor tweaks to some maps, but it should be finished soon.
Editor-in-Chief, Moon Design Publications


Submitted by GianniVacca on Mon, 07/05/2012 – 07:51.

Will it be available in time for the Eternal Con? BTW what will be available in Bacharach? (I need to know how long I’ll have to cajole my wife into letting me deplete our savings account)

That's a VERY good reason

Submitted by Dr Ghul on Mon, 23/04/2012 – 01:57.

That’s a VERY good reason !Féliciations à la maman :)Thanks for you answer.

Ordering information for

Submitted by Jeff on Sun, 08/07/2012 – 05:25.

Ordering information for Wyrms Footnotes 16 should be up in the next day or two.
Editor-in-Chief, Moon Design Publications