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Jeff Richard is one of the regular posters in the RuneQuest Facebook Group. here’s some of his recent RuneQuest posts, only Jeff’s replies are included where relevant. Facebook membership is required to access the originals.

As an aside, I often post notes or things that I am working on that I think people will find interesting or useful. But I am posting this material without edits or revisions – they are all notes or works in progress. If people really expect me to edit or revise such ephemera before I post it, I am probably not going to post such things.

Jeff Richard, 2021

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And the Master Map is nearly done. All hail the mighty Matt Ryan for his tireless work on this (he’s put in many hundreds of hours of work on this). This clip represents about 8% of the total map. Maybe less. There’s a scale, but not on this clip.This map supplants what we’ve done before, as it is the first time we’ve been able to get all the details from Greg’s original maps. Interestingly it fits almost perfectly onto the old Dragon Pass map.

Stagland, like much of Sartar, is lightly wooded with a few stands surrounded by grassland.

That’s not how this area was covered during the Inhuman Occupation. A lot of Sartar looks like this:

In eastern Sartar, you see a lot like this:


Lisa Free did the definitive take on Glorantha trolls back in Trollpak. You’d be surprised how often I go back to this piece:

I think Sir Ethilrist may have ended up with the most picturesque real estate in Dragon Pass. Muse Roost really is more like Neuschwanstein meets Gormenghast than I could have ever imagined.But Queen’s Post must be pretty fantastic as well.

Did you know that the Dryad Woods have groves of Silverwood? You do now!

Matt Ryan and I are so close to being finished with the Dragon Pass Master Map it makes my head spin. So much detail, so much information. So many layers!

I know I am teasing you all, but where this becomes really interesting is when you are able to scroll around the map, seeing how things tie together.  The fact that Furthest is on the Death Line is a very important thing about its location. It is a liminal place – in and not in Dragon Pass.

Furthest is a particularly interesting city to me, as it is as Lunar as any city in the Heartlands, and likely shares more with Glamour than it does with villages just ten kilometres away.

The Corn Belt will be more extensive in the final map, but this gives a feel.

Great revelations have been made by the Invisible God and the full contours of RQ Malkionism has now been glimpsed by a select few. And it is revelatory. And in many ways, revolutionary! And boy, Hrestol was amazing.

Malkioni is most definitely not the same thing as the Invisible God.

The Stasis Rune in (in)action!

A storm is brewing courtesy of the masterful Loïc Muzy!!!

The Red Goddess Triumphant! Part of the Seven Steps of the Red Goddess by the amazing Agathe Pitié.

So to give you an idea how big this map is going to be, here’s a printout of the WIP, with the RuneQuest Core rules for scale. And that’s the scale we will be printing this as.Which coincidentally is exactly the scale as the Dragon Pass boardgames map.

I also have a picture of Matt Ryan holding up the map, but Matt is really really tall. Like Gonn Orta tall. So the book gives a better feel of scale.

Why is the top left part of the map more or less empty? Because that was an early draft and we hadn’t gotten to that corner of the map yet.

A work in progress by the amazing Agathe Pitié. All hail the Triumphant Moon!

A tale of two maps

The map of Dagori Inkarth from Trollpak was IMO the best single campaign map Chaosium ever published. Even better than the Elder Wilds maps from Griffin Mountain. Clear, informative, and with loads of details, it set a high bar.
With the Dragon Pass maps coming out with the Sartar Homeland book, we’ve more than beat that bar. Just compare the old map with the new. So much more detail, so much more information, but it keeps the same wonderful clear style of the old Chaosium map.

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