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Jeff Richard is one of the regular posters in the RuneQuest Facebook Group. here’s some of his recent RuneQuest posts, only Jeff’s replies are included where relevant. Facebook membership is required to access the originals.

As an aside, I often post notes or things that I am working on that I think people will find interesting or useful. But I am posting this material without edits or revisions – they are all notes or works in progress. If people really expect me to edit or revise such ephemera before I post it, I am probably not going to post such things.

Jeff Richard, 2021

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    Nochet to Glamour at 1:400,000 scale.

    Admittedly Glamour is not in this picture as it is just beyond the field of vision. But I see Alkoth and even Raibanth.

    Each sheet is an A2, so about 24 x 16 inches.

    Geology of Genertela map

    Here’s a geology of Genertela map done by Andreas Pittelkow about 20 years ago, but much of it is still right on. The “bricked” areas are limestone strata formed during the Storm Age (when those lands were submerged). The “dotted” areas are sandstone strata. The “xxs” are bedrock – granite formations. The lined areas are gravel and sand left from the glaciers. The little triangles are volcanic areas.The map is at a low level of detail, for example the Quivin Mountains should be there with xx’s, and the Indigo Mountains and Pelanda should also have volcanic activity, etc. But it is still interesting and useful. And done by an actual geologist.

    If you look at the labelling, you will find the mythic age these rocks were formed and can work out the mythological story.

    So the mountain range separating Prax from Heortland is not granite? That is filled with xx’s, which means it is granite.

    Defeated Lunar Regiments

    After Second Moonbroth, the Marble Phalanx, Silver Shields, and Antelope Lances retreated back to New Pavis, sniped and harrassed by nomads all the way. Whatever survived fought like demons when Argrath led the nomad assault on New Pavis, but they were defeated and killed. Their regimental standards now decorate Argrath’s court. In early 1626, the Granite Phalanx, a newly reconstituted Silver Shields regiment, and a newly reconstituted Antelope Lancer regiment (with “restored” standards) were ordered to Tarsh to keep the provinces from complete collapse – however, the new Antelope Lancer and Silver Shields are decidedly inferior to the old regiments. These are who fought at the Battle of the Queens and Sword Hill.

    Another version of the same story:In 1624, Argrath mustered the White Bull brotherhood to him and together they summoned Jaldon Goldentooth and an army of Praxians. But instead of attacking Dragon Pass, Jaldon followed Argrath east towards the Lunar city of New Pavis.Once again, the nomad host met the Lunars and their Sable Rider allies at the oasis of Moonbroth. The White Bull Brotherhood had gathered Bison Riders, High Llamas, Impala, Pol-Joni, Pavis Survivors, and Sartarite adventurers and exiles; this time it was the Lunar army that was defeated. The Sable Riders submitted to Argrath White Bull; the Lunars retreated to Pavis and prepared to defend their city.The Lunar defenders fought hard, and levied such terrible losses that the only survivors among the assailants were heroes that day. But the few successful warriors had planted the seeds of defeat upon the wall, and the next day the eating things had cracked a segment in the north wall so that it nearly all fell to dust.The Granite Phalanx charged through the gap but were destroyed by Argrath’s new Sable Rider allies. The proud Praxians charged through the breach led by Narmeed Whirlvishbane, of the Bison Tribe; Yazurkial Blue Llama, of the High Llama Riders; and Roneer the Hue, of the Sable Riders. All of the Lunar soldiers were executed or enslaved by order of Yazurkial Blue Llama. Argrath White Bull was proclaimed King of Pavis.

    I thought that Jaldon was not able to return to Prax, is that something Argrath managed to change? yes. Or more precisely, Argrath understood Jaldon’s limitations better than the Waha cult.

    As the White Bull, Argrath fulfils the conditions for Jaldon’s return by his very presence.

    Think about it, Argrath now always has that silent golden-toothed butcher standing at his side (at least whenever he has been summoned and until he can be laid to rest). Just one more grim visual of his court.

    Tell me about Jaldon’s steed, Home. Home is an immortal mount from the realm of Death. He’s a skeletal (charitably called “lanky”) beast, that some say was once a bison, other say was a high llama, etc. Others claim it is the skeleton of an unknown Praxian beast.Surely not a horse, because horses are not descended from Eiritha. They are birds after all.

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