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Jeff Richard is one of the regular posters in the RuneQuest Facebook Group. here’s some of his recent RuneQuest posts, only Jeff’s replies are included where relevant. Facebook membership is required to access the originals.

As an aside, I often post notes or things that I am working on that I think people will find interesting or useful. But I am posting this material without edits or revisions – they are all notes or works in progress. If people really expect me to edit or revise such ephemera before I post it, I am probably not going to post such things.

Jeff Richard, 2021

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    Tarsh or Sartar warrior

    This guy would look absolutely proper fighting for Tarsh or Sartar.


    Vasana concept art

    An early concept piece of our iconic pre-gen character Vasana.

    Gods and Goddesses book

    A little passage in the Gods and Goddesses book that really pleased me:As both the murderer of Yelm who plunged the world into darkness and the leader of the Lightbringers who revived the world, Orlanth is the God of Heroes, an untamed destroyer who nonetheless protects life and aids civilization. He destroys not to end the world but to make way for the new. Orlanth made the world what it is through his deeds and his cult is destined to play a central role in the Hero Wars.

    There’s more than a little Shiva and Indra in Orlanth.

    One of the things that long has fascinated me is the hero as both the destroyer and the protector of civilization. The archetype of the hero in myths and legends is rarely the Victorian-modern morally pure hero. Heracles does great and terrible things. As does Theseus, Cu Chulainn, Finn McCool, and Rustam. Lancelot is the embodiment of chivalry, but also murderous in rage, disloyal, and an adulterer. And so on.Orlanth very much is that mixed hero – and all the more mythically powerful for it.

    Pretty much all of the gods can be blamed for the Gods War. Or maybe the blame is with the Cosmic Court. Or maybe Glorantha was impregnated with Chaos when she gave birth to world, and thus the seeds of chaos were present from the start?

    A pretty common set of divine feats:I imprisoned or castrated my father, slept with my sisters, imprisoned and tortured the helper of mankind, and unleashed torments on mankind. That’s why I am the Best and Most Powerful.orI delight in bringing strife and war to mankind, I helped kill my creator, I deceive my enemies and allies alike, I knowingly keep a traitor and murderer in my household who I know will kill my own son – and when he does what I know he will, I’ll imprison and torture him, and that is why I am the all-father!and so on.

    FWIW, I absolutely don’t consider any of the above a reason not to worship such a god. Heck, I consider that to be a better reason to offer sacrifices to the deity than the “I am a good and Victorian gentle-god.” It also helps explain theodicy – sometimes bad things happen to good people because the gods are in a bad mood.

    Current Phases

    So here’s this thing I am working on right now:

    Phase One: Lunar Occupation (1602-1621)

    Phase Two: Rebellion (1621-1624)

    Phase Three: Prince of Sartar (1625-1629)

    Phase Four: King of Dragon Pass (1630-1643)

    Phase Five: Twilight of the Gods (1644-1655)

    From the Lunar perspective it is:

    Phase One: Golden Age

    Phase Two: Rebellion and Dissonance

    Phase Three: Revolt of the Redlands and the Year of the Many Emperors

    Phase Four: Antirius Returns

    Phase Five: The Empty Empire and a New Compromise.

    Or something like that

    Changing history requires some forethought, but nothing requires you to follow the campaign to its predestined end. You may decide to throw predestination to the wind, let any player-character become the Prince of Sartar, and maybe even allow someone else to marry the Feathered Horse Queen and become the King of Dragon Pass.In the end, this campaign is yours to decide what you make of it. In fact, there will be plenty of advice to do just that in what I am writing.

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