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Jeff Richard is one of the regular posters in the RuneQuest Facebook Group. here’s some of his recent RuneQuest posts, only Jeff’s replies are included where relevant. Facebook membership is required to access the originals.

As an aside, I often post notes or things that I am working on that I think people will find interesting or useful. But I am posting this material without edits or revisions – they are all notes or works in progress. If people really expect me to edit or revise such ephemera before I post it, I am probably not going to post such things.

Jeff Richard, 2021

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    Earth cults seminar

    Continuum attendees! Remember to check out Claudia Loroff‘s seminar on Earth cults in RuneQuest later this morning! She just called me up earlier to ask me a question about the eunuch dancers who devote themselves to Maran Gor.

    Artist, Kalin Kadiev

    BTW, I haven’t mentioned enough how much I love this piece. Selkana is the epitome of a young aristocratic Esrolian woman. Check out that necklace, the snake bracelets, and the intricacies of her tattoos! No wonder Ernalda in one form or name or another is the most popular and widespread human cult in Glorantha!And also no wonder Nochet is the cultural center for the Orlanthi.

    Ellie A. Akers: I want to point out that the square spiral tattoo on her hip, is actually filled with script (but it was too small to show). It is her entire lineage all the way back to Ernalda, all 80 plus women she descends from. And it’s on her left hip because that is where you carry young children.

    So what is YOUR favourite beast from the RQ Bestiary?

    Mine is the War Triceratops with its Dragonewt mahout:

    Artist, Cory Trego-Erdner

    I would have loved to do even more art, but keep in mind, every illustration is by Cory. Which is a LOT of art for one person. I wanted to have a single artist handle the interiors in order to give this a consistent feel and style.


    Man, I so love Cory Trego-Erdner‘s art in the Bestiary. Loved it when I first commissioned it, love it even more in the book!

    Artist, Cory Trego-Erdner

    Starfire Ridges

    Page 6

    BTW, when using or reading the RQG rules, the boxed text on page 6 provides a very important rule of interpretation: Maximum Game Fun.

    If an interpretation of a rule interferes with the ability of you or your players from having fun – reinterpret it!

    Sartar on a rare sunny day in Storm season

    If you ever want a good feel for Sartar on a rare sunny day in Storm season, check out the Vinschgau in Sudtirol.

    I believe you can see the Royal Palace of Boldhome here.

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