TP010 More Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha (2015)

This KRAKEN Chapbook is a transcript of the seminar More Forgotten Secrets of Glorantha at THE KRAKEN 2015 with illustrations by Jon Hodgson.

From THE KRAKEN 2015 Program: 


Host: Sandy Petersen

Oh boy, that was a mind blast. When Sandy talked about Glorantha secrets that were mostly forgotten or simply untold the few people in the Kapelle at the last KRAKEN were blown away. There is a huge Chaos Laboratory in Pamaltela? And Pamaltelan history is running backwards? The EWF tried to create the World Dragon? The trolls have a second secret plan besides plugging Magasta’s Pool with a chunk of the Glacier? Now Sandy returns with another list of secrets and anecdotes, pure Gloranthan Gold that is only stored in his and Greg’s brain. Well, maybe only stored in his brain.

And yes, this time we will REALLY ask him about the Godlearner Secret and not forget. And he won’t tell us. Or worse: he will.

This Chapbook is 34 pages of pure Gloranthan gold. Including Chaos Dwarves, Waertagi Dragonships, Time Travel, The Outer Atomic Explorers, the secret Dorastor map, the secret of the Kingdom of War and the Broos of the Black Puss.

34 pages. PDF only.

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