GreGanth / Gregarth Atlas (1993, 2014)

The GreGarth Atlas of Lunar Provincial Lore. This amazing collection of hand-drawn historical maps details: the history of Peloria from the Dawn to 1650 in 50 year increments; the history of Prehistoric Peloria; the history of the Lunar Wanes: and a variety of maps showing other important details of the Dara Happan and Lunar Empires. Includes attached notes and commentary from Greg Stafford.

Editions & Related Editions

The GreGarth Atlas1993Greg Stafford
Unpublished, private distribution only
Part of The Lunar Book, which became the Yuthuppa Book then Glorious ReAscent.
Inside it was called the GreGanth Atlas
The GreGarth Atlas2014Moon DesignPart of the Guide to Glorantha Kickstarter

In part 3, Jeff tells us about the GreGarth atlas and the new work to meet the stretch goals.

Individual pages from the book exist on this site: Search

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