MGP8111 Rune of Chaos (2006)

The wilds of every world hide unmentionable evil to be battled and powerful good to be discovered. The forest of Peranai is no exception. It is a harrowing place where adventurers have gone for centuries to look for the true keys of power, the blood of the gods… Runes. On the southernmost side of the Forest there lies the village of Wofe, a tiny beacon of civilisation on the border of a wild, unconquered place.

Sadradi, the leader of this small settlement, knows that her life is coming to a close and fears for her people. She has organised a tournament for champions to compete in a series of trials, where the winner will take home the Rune of Destiny, the Wofe family heirloom.

As to Sadradi’s motivation? Many in the village see the tournament as a celebration of Sadradi’s family, while others believe it is an excellent opportunity for trade or perhaps an attempt to find the village a permanent protector. Who, or what, will be attracted to Woe to compete for the magnificent prize?

Rune of Chaos is the first adventure for the new RuneQuest game from Mongoose Publishing. Designed to fit into any campaign it allows Player Characters to compete in the tournament whilst dealing with an old evil that threatens the people of Wofe.

Rune of Chaos is designed for three to five starting characters and combínes situations and encounters that will require a mix of skills to survive and overcome. This adventure also gives the Player Characters the opportunity to test their mettle against each other as they compete in the tournament as well as against their mutual foes.


  • Author: Bryan Steele
  • Game Developers: Greg Lynch, Ken Hite, Ian Belcher
  • Editor: Nick Robinson
  • Cover Art: Bob Cram & Dan Howard
  • RuneQuest Logo: Anne Stokes
  • Interior Illustrations: Phil Renne, Tony Parker
  • Publications Manager: Ian Belcher
  • Production Director: Alexander Fennell
  • Proofreading: Scribendi
  • Special Thanks: Ian Barstow, Greg Stafford
  • Playtesters: Mark Gedak, Tammy Gedak, Kent Little, Tony Higgins, Scott Hughes
  • Licenced by Issaries
  • $9.95
  • Hardback, PDF
  • ISBN 1-905471-96-3
  • System: MRQ1


  • Introduction
  • A Simple Day of Travel
  • The Tournament Let
  • The Games Begin
  • To Victor Go the Spoils
  • The Last Trial
  • Appendix

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