ISS1201 King of Sartar

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Issaries reprint

Chaosium, Inc. 1992 Glorantha G Greg Stafford Collection of Stories, Rumors and Myths about Prince Argrath. Issaries reprint

King of Sartar, How a Man became a God
  Product Number IS1201. Reprint edition. ISBN 1-929052-00-6. $19.95
  288 pages, trade paperback size, 17 Maps and Diagrams

Maps and Diagrams by Greg Stafford.

Compilation of myths, stories and colorful background for the Hero Wars. This is useful as a source book for the Hero Wars game as well as a stand alone book.

The author calls this an “epistolary detective novel.” The mystery is, “Who was Prince Argrath?” The book consists of a series of Gloranthan documents, each with their own prejudices and biases, lies and errors, insights and secrets revealed. 

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction. P 6.
  • Annotated Argrath’s Saga. P 14.
  • Argrath’s epic story, as related many years after the Hero Wars.
  • The Zin Letters. P 40.
  • Correspondance from the early post-Hero Wars Era.Orlanthi Mythology. P 49.
  • Excellent collection of tales to overview the Orlanthi mythology, as it was in the Hero Wars period. Composite History of Dragon Pass. P 99.
  • Document purportedly given to Argrath as a wedding present. Wealth of local detail about the Dragon Pass area and history. The Argrath Book. P 163.
  • Documents about the Lightbringers Quest, Argrath, and the EWF. Jalk’s Book. P 194.
  • Data on the Colymar Tribe, Boldhome and the Grazers; and a most valuable anthropological overview of the Heortling culture. Conclusions. P 261.
  • Some whacko theories by the Gloranthan compiler of this book.

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