Apple Lane Characters

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Apple Lane Characters

These are the important NPC’s in Apple Lane (Except Gringle & Quackjohn, who are given in Gringle’s Pawn Shop). I have given the appropriate magic keywords, Occupational keywords (underlined) and any important additional skills together with some suggested ratings. Narrators should feel free to adjust any of these numbers to fit in with their own campaigns. Where necessary, I have also added some brief notes of explanation.

Magic and Occupational Keywords are taken from Storm Tribe and Thunder Rebels

Dronlan Swordsharp, Sheriff of Apple Lane

Devotee of Andrin Lawspeaker 10w (Allfather 7w , Making 12w ,Clan Law 5w )Lawspeaker 15w, Council Member 12w

Oolina Gentle, Sheriff’s wife

Initiate of Orane Allmother 3w (Bless Family 3w, Bless Mothers 19, Bless Stead 1w)Steadwife 7w

Dronlan has been appointed by the City Ring to keep order in Apple Lane

Jarsten Goodaxe, Humakti Weaponmaster

Devotee of Kargan the Weaponmaster 12w (Death 8w , Honour 5w , Combat 12w)Weaponthane 12w, Close Combat 3w2 (Sword & Shield, Spear & Shield, Great Axe), Ranged Combat 17w (Javelin, Thrown Axe)

Navarok One-hand, Humakti Weaponmaster

Devotee of Efrodar Blackhands 10w (Death 4w, Honour 13w, Battle Command 6w)Warband Leader 12w, Close Combat* 15w(Sword & Shield, Mounted lance), Ranged Combat* 8w (Composite Bow)

* Navarok can’t use these skills at this level (if at all!) due to losing his weapon arm, however he can train others up to these levels.

The Humakti have been “Resheathed” into society (Storm Tribe p96), and are responsible for ensuring Apple Lane is protected, and the Fyrd trained and ready

Bulster Brewer, Owner of the Tin Inn

Devotee of Minlister 8w (Allfather 1w, Making 3w, Brewing 10w)
Craftsperson 5w, Brewing 10w, Cooking 17, Chat with customer 1w

Bertha, Inkeepers wife

Initiate of Esra 1w (Bless Domestic Animals17, Bless Dometic Plants 17, Barley 1w)
Steadwife 5w, Cooking 5w, Brewing 17

Bek Leadhead, Bouncer and labourer

Initiate of Destor Adventurous 17 (Combat 1w, Movement 19, Wind 17)
Merchant 17, Burly 15, Close Combat 5w (Brawling, Club)

Postal, Stable hand

Initiate of Orstan the Carpenter 17 (Combat 17, Movement 1w, Wind 18)
Craftsperson 17, Carpentry 5w, Care for Horses 18

Mineera, Gardener

Initiate of Overdruva Allmother 17 (Bless Family 1w, Bless Mothers 19, Bless Plants 18)
Gardener 17, Tend Animals 19,

Pramble, the poet

Devotee of Drogarsi 17 (Combat 17, Movement 18, High Entertainment 3w)
Skald 2w, Read/Write 1w, Contacts in Jonstown 17, Contacts in Boldhome 17, Contacts in Tarsh 13, Contacts in Esrolia 13

Kareena, healer and Priestess

Devotee of Roitina 12w (Healer aspect) (Heal People ,Heal realtionships ,Earth Rituals ) Worship Storm Pantheon 5w, Worship Earth Pantheon 5w
Healer 10w, Priestess 12w, Council Member 5w

Kareena has never been a mother, so still worships the Ernalda the Healer, rather than “progressing” to Ernalda Allmother

Lipiccus, Horsemaster

Devotee of Beren the Rider (Elmali subcult) (Combat , Light , Horses )
Herder 12w ,Warrior 1w, Ambitious 17, Riding 15w, Horse Swimming 5w

Varaneera, Horsemaster

Devotee of Redalda (Bless Family , Bless Horses )
Herder 8w, Steadwife 17, Kindly 3w, Riding 12w, Horse Swimming 8w

The Horse-Masters both breed and train horses, as well as teaching riding skills.

Squinch the Greylord

Squinch is a “Wild Sage” of Lhankor Mhy (one who does not reside in a temple/library) – He studied Trade and is a devotee of Garzeen, worshiped as a sub-cult of Lankhor Mhy
Devotee of Lhankor Garzeen 4w (Knowledge 8w, Literacy 6w, Middleman 8w)
Scribe 10w, Merchant 8w, Council Member 1w, Evaluate Crops 5w

Piku Gastapakis, Third Eye Blue smith

(Third Eye Blue are a sorcerous people, although not Orthodox Malkioni. They stole the secret of working all kinds of metals from the Mostali. These abilities are held in the Grimoire “The Secrets of the Metal” and are keyed to the Smiths tattooed 3rd Eye. Spells are similar to those in Gustbran’s “Bronze” affinity, but there are spells for all types of metal.

Piku also knows the Grimoire “The Secrets of the Forge”, from which he summoned the creature that pumps his bellows. His Pommel shaping song is a stand alone spell)

The Secrets of the Metal 12w, The Secrets of the Forge 10w, Pommel Shaping Song 5w
Smith 10w, Craftsman 5w

Valeeda, Smith’s wife

Lay Member of Third Eye Blue 17
Steadwife 17, Cooking 3w, Fronelan Customs 17, Orlanthi Customs 15

Shuffle, Trollkin stickpicker

Stickpicker 13, Enlo* 15, Uz Customs 14, Orlanthi Customs 12, Kyger Litor Tradition Knowledge 13, Servile 17

*Anaxials Roster p168

The Ulerians

(Uleria is the Goddess of Love in all its forms (from pure, chaste love to wild uncontrollable lust) – She is a Great Goddess, though not a part of the Storm Tribe, but the Orlanthi recognise her power (although few worship her directly – cults like Niskiss and Vela generally provide access to the powers they need). Subcults of Uleria may offer affinities like Harmony, Fertility or even Matchmaking. I have left Feats to the imagination of the individual Narrator)

Avareen Bosom, Priestess of Uleria

Devotee of Uleria 12w (Love 8w , Lust 6w , Sensuality 15w)
Priestess 5w, Godi 5w, Alluring 17

Pretty Aileena, Ulerian

Devotee of Uleria 1w (Love 1w , Lust 17 , Sensuality 5w)
Godi 17, Pretty 15

Bingoood, Ulerian

Core Runes

Devotee of Uleria 1w (Love 17 , Lust 5w , Sensuality 1w)
Godi 17, Eager 15, Pick Pockets 15

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