Hero Wars Archive

These pages are from 2003 Glorantha.com. They supported Hero Wars which was first published in 2000. It was superseded by HeroQuest in 2003.

Errata for Thunder Rebels
Errata for Imperial Lunar Handbook, vol 1
Errata for Storm Tribe
Errata for Barbarian Adventures
Errata for Orlanth is Dead
Errata for Revealed Mythologies
Frequently Asked Questions
Rules Q&A

Support Material

Glorantha Tribes, regional gaming material
Scenarios for new characters
Support material: Keywords, Hero Bands, Cults etc.
Art Gallery, art from the Hero Wars books
Contributions from fans of Hero Wars and Glorantha

Additional Material

Material cut from published products due to lack of space.

Blank map of the Battle of Iceland from Orlanth is Dead!, for player handouts. JPEG format, 120 kB.

Last revision: 24 Aug 2003

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