ISS1102 Glorantha, Introduction to the Hero Wars – Corrections

Updated: 4 Jun 2003, new errata marked with an asterisk (*)

Thanks to Josh Reynolds and others for submitting these.

Page 136“Before the Gods War the Esrolians were Heortlings.” should be changed to “Before the Gods War the Esrolians were Vingkotlings.”
Page 205On the map of Verenela, the city of Lur Nop is incorrectly named. This city is Gio (Lur Nop is a city on the island of Fanzai in Kralorela).
Page 209Fanzow is incorrect, should be Wanzow.

Page 8, The Truth rune does not belong next to the Foes title, it should be Destruction.

Truth Rune
Destruction Rune

Page 60, The five Arkat runes are:

Knight (Arkat, Hrestol)

Arkat Rune
Hrestol Rune

Martyr (Arkat, Death)

Arkat Rune
Death Rune

Troll (Arkat, Darkness)

Arkat Rune
Darkness Rune

King (Arkat, Mastery)

Arkat Rune
Mastery Rune

Devil (Arkat, Devil)

Arkat Rune
Kajaboor Rune

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