ISS1102 Glorantha: Introduction to the Hero Wars – Contents

Table of Contents collected by Nick Brooke.

 Last revision: 15 Dec 2000

  Map: The Oceans5
1. Introduction6
    What is Glorantha6
    The People of Glorantha6
    The Magic of Glorantha7
    The Gods of Glorantha7
2. Before Time Began9
    The Age of Creation9
    The Golden Age11
  Picture: The Tower of Yelm12
    The Storm Age13
    The Birth of Chaos14
    The Devils: Wakboth and Kajabor15
    The Triumph of Chaos16
    The Age of Terror17
    Mortals Strike Back18
    The Gods Strike Back19
  Picture: The Green Age20
3. History23
    Chaos and Compromise23
    The Dawn Age24
  Box: Waertagi, the Sea People25
    The Sunstop26
    Arkat and the Gbaji Wars28
  Box: What Came Before the Beginning?31
    The Imperial Age32
    The EWF32
    The God Learners32
  Box: What is Chaos?33
  Picture: The Battle of Brond’s Serpent34
    The Modern Age36
  Map: Genertela38
4. Seshnela39
    The Kingdom of Seshnela39
  Picture: Great King and the Ecclesiarch40
    The Wasted Lands, Failed Histories41
    Old Seshnela41
    The Quinpolic League42
  Map: Seshnela43
5. Malkioni Culture and History44
    What Types of People Inhabit this Cosmos?44
  Box: Brithos45
    What Does God Expect from Me?46
    What is Our History?46
    Major Malkioni Religions50
  Picture: The Gate of Banir51
    Saints of the Invisible God52
    Heresies and Minor Religions53
    False Gods53
6. Ralios54
  Box: Politics of Safelster56
  Map: Ralios59
  Pic: Five Famous Arkats60
    Eastern Wilds60
7. Mostali, the Dwarves62
    Mostali History of the World62
  Box: The Elder Races63
  Box: Mostal, the World Machine64
    Who are the Workers in the Machine?67
  Pic: Mostali68
8. Fronela70
  Box: Lords Temporal71
    The Janube River Valley72
  Pic: The Cathedral of Saint Hrestol73
  Map: Fronela74
  Box: Corpses Rot in the Streets of Perfe75
  Pic: The War Against War76
    The Kingdom of War77
  Doctrines of the Hrestoli Church78
    Wild Fronela78
  Pic: The End of the World80
  Box: Companies81
  Box: The Perfecti82
  Box: Church Organization82
9. Aldryami83
  Box: Aldrya, Goddess of the Woods84
    History of the Elves86
  Pic: Elves88
10. Peloria90
    Lunars: People of the Moon90
  Box: Dart Competitions91
  Map: Peloria92
  Box: The Celestial Religion94
    The Lunar Empire96
  Box: Goddesses of the Moon97
  Box: Other Great Gods98
  Pic: Takenegi, the Red Emperor100
  Box: Gods Who Were People102
  Pic: JarEel the Razoress104
    Dara Happa104
  Pic: Glamour from Above108
  Box: Lunar Culture114
  Box: Nysalor Riddlers121
  Box: The White Moon122
  Pic: Son of Death124
    The Provinces128
  Box: Yara Aranis130
    Lunar Allies132
11. Maniria134
  Box: Tarsh Exiles135
  Pic: City of Wonders136
  Map: Maniria138
  Box: Not Monsters, But Not Human141
  Pic: Boldhome143
  Box: Orlanthi Culture144
    Dragon Pass151
  Box: The Storm Pantheon152
  Pic: Kallyr and Minaryth157
12. Dragonewts159
  Pic: Planner of Mayhem161
13. Wastelands162
  Box: Waha, the Great Khan164
  Box: Animal Nomads166
  Map: The Wastelands170
  Box: Pentan Nomads173
14. Uz176
    History of Hurtplace177
  Box: Kyger Litor, Dark Mother of Uz178
  Pic: Uz181
15. Kralorela183
  Pic: Kui Hui, the Giant Hero184
  Box: Can Shu, the Lord of Ignorance185
  Map: Kralorela187
  Box: Religion of Kralorela188
  Pic: The Bridge of Light and No Light192
  Box: Kralori Culture194
    Chern Durel195
    Hsunchen Mountain People199
16. Verenela201
  Pic: The Serpent and Elephant202
  Map: Verenela205
  Box: Chal206
  Pic: The Juggernaut209
17. Oceans210
    The Cosmic Whirlpool210
    The Oceans and Seas210
  Pic: The Iron City211
  Box: Triolini212
    The Western Waters212
  Pic: Zabdamar215
    The Eastern Waters216
  Box: Magasta, King of the Sea Gods217
18. Vithela219
  Pic: Mystic Archer220
    Vithelan Religion222
  Pic: The Monastery of Immortality225
19. Pamaltela226
  Box: Ompalam227
  Map: Pamaltela228
    The Northern Mountain Chains229
  Box: Pamaltelan Shamanism230
    Interior Pamaltela231
  Pic: Pic: Jeren Darow, the Pirate Admiral232
    Elf Coasts233
  Pic: The Cult of Immanent Mastery236
20. The Outer Limits237
    Otherworld Hero Planes239
    The Visible Sky240
  Pic: Enstresa, Star Lady242
    The Sky World245
    Below the World246
    The Higher Realms247
21. The Future of Glorantha251

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