Guidelines for Publications

This a work in progress, so may change.

  • Identify by SKU and then name if possible
  • Cover 700x900px, add cover to file name
  • All versions on same page
  • Parent page set correctly (page attributes) – WARNING may take some time to appear. Quicker to edit in All pages Quickedit.
  • contents on separate child page
  • index on separate child page
  • change author
  • default template (default page attribute)
  • NO COMMENTS (Discussion)
  • example with index and contents: CHA4028 RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha

Main Structure

Page Title

Cover with caption (700 x 900) (Image Block) – if the product is for sale, this will be replaced with a custom HTML button that is the cover and link.

Authors: (Paragraph Block)

Artists: (Paragraph Block)

System:(Paragraph Block)

Formats & Printing H2

SKU Name, edition, year, format, pages. Cover Price, ISBN. If for sale on – link (Paragraph Block)

Further info (Paragraph Block)

other covers with captions (Image Block)

Related Pages H3

Child list shortcode Reusable block (see below)

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